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The Second Araneta Family Grand Reunion
Venue: The Cities of Bacolod and Bago in Negros Occidental
Date: April 26 to 28, 1996

(Source: The Souvenir Program)

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How About "Negrenses" ?


This is in reply to above-captioned request:

"Negrense" is the term used to distinguish a "tumandok" of Negros Island, which became popular only during the time of Governor Daniel "Bitay" Lacson because local media and government promoted it. However, in most part of Negros Occidental, they still prefer to be called simply ilonggos, until today. While those in Negros oriental are often called Cebuanos, because of their common local dialect and it's geographical proximity to Cebu.

Negros used to be called "Buglas", an aeta word which means "sudden cut-off" and in hiligaynon/ilonggo dialect is "Buklas". These aeta's, ita's or ati's are dark-skinned nomads with woolly kinky hair are the aborigines of the archipelago. The Maragtas legend explained that when the 10 Malay datus from Bornay, led by it's Shri Vijaya Minister Datu Puti bartered with Ati King Marikudo the lowlands of Panay; most of his tribesmen, resettled up to the mountains. But many of them sailed to "Buglas" passing "Himal-os"... Island of Guimaras. There, they lived undisturbed for centuries.

It was the Spaniards who gave the island its present name NEGROS due to the predominant presence of this small Negroes or "Negritos".

Two great waves of migration, resulted in the gradual near extinction of this ancient filipino ethnic group due to inter-relationship and marriages.

During the middle part of the 1800's, many families joined the exodus of the more adventurous members of prominent ilonggos; such as the Yulo's and the Yusay's, the Lacson's and the Locsin's, the Lopezes' and Ledesma's, the Jalandoni's and Javellana's, the Araneta's, Salases and de la Ramas and others, who bringing along their families and households, migrated to the "New Frontier", the Island of Negros.

When the sugar industry started to boom, the demand for tens of thousands sugar farm workers was filled by the industrious and indigenous ilonggos of Northwestern Aklan and Antique. Antique, whose sea-horse shaped isolated province had been backward due to disadvantaged topography of arid land base, mountainious terrain, lined by a narrow coastal plain and unfavorable climatic condition.

A great number of these migratory sugar plantation workers known as "Sacadas" had decided to settle permanently in Negros and of course multiplied.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that "Negrenses" are G.I's or truly Genuine Ilonggos.

dinggol (Moderator-AranetaClan)


FLASH BACK!..A Personal Encounter

Hi! everyone:

Here's an article published seven years ago that i'm happy to "Flash back" since it's now Springtime and l just received an invitation to attend the graduation of the author on May 20, 2006.

Mara has been a consistent Scholar at Boston University College of Medicine and she's now graduating as a "new Doctora"..

Congratulations! Mara...(and to Lando and Agnes)..we're proud of you!

From the familia Araneta and Tito dinggol...
(April 20, 2006)
(Source: Association Of Ilonggos-Metropolitan Washington DC(AIM)Inc.-- "Budyong" Newsletter)

By: Mara Araneta Evidente (daughter of Orlando and Agnes A. Evidente)

"You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." - Kahlil Gibran

While thousands of college students nationwide were spending their spring break in the tropical beaches of Cancun, Jamaica, or the Bahamas, I, along with 400 other Boston College students experienced firsthand, the truth in those powerful words. From February 26 thru March 5, 1999, we participated in a service trip sponsored by Appalachia to the Appalachian Mountains and other desolate areas along the East Coast.

Appalachia is a student-run organization which sends students who have better things to do than get drunk--to places 20th century America has almost forgotten.

Appalachia's mission is to provide a helping hand and to reach out to all the unfortunate souls hoping to restore their faith in humankind. Thus, you see some students participating in Habitat for Humanity projects, building homes for deserving individuals, while others help out by picking up trash, painting churches, community centers, private homes, cleaning up trailers, tearing down abandoned houses, and doing other odd jobs around town.

Little did I realize, when I first stepped into that bus on an eight-hour journey, that I would experience a week which will forever be embedded in my heart. The majority of the groups sent to these sites stayed in community centers or churches where they had the opportunity to meet and interact with the residents. Meal times evolved into community gatherings where everyone would come to share stories. We played with the children, met with pastors, community leaders, grandmothers, great grandmothers, school teachers, bus drivers. They opened their hearts and embraced us, making us a part of them. There was never a feeling of us being better than them or that they owed us something in return; nor did they let us feel that we were not important to them either. We came as outsiders; as volunteers to help their town. Yet, by the end of the week, we left with a sense of belonging, a feeling that we too were members of the community.

Such sentiment was evident in this one incident I will never forget. It was our group's second night in Catsbridge, Virginia. Earlier that day, we had attended a gospel marathon, a yearly event in Catsbridge. We had just finished eating some homemade southern cooking. Still in the mood for some more gospel music, we gathered behind the church and learned gospel songs. One of the songs they taught us was "The Gospel Train." Due to its mesmerizing lyrics and pulsing rhythm, it caught on, and quickly became everyone's favorite.

"Come along my friends... Get aboard and ride this train. Nothing on this train to lose......And everything to gain…"

After singing the Gospel Train song for about the fifteenth time that night, Sandra, one of the ladies in charge in the community remarked: "Now that we've ridden the Gospel train together, we're friends for life."

For me, and for many others who have experienced it, Appalachia was more than a service trip. It is about understanding that with privilege comes a social responsibility. It is about working together to accomplish what first seems like an impossible task (for example tearing down a two-story house, equipped with nothing but a rope, a tractor, and a few small tools). Appalachia is about connecting with people. It is a place where we were able to put aside our worries, our fears, our anticipations. A place where we can rid ourselves of our pretenses and allow people to touch our lives and build bonds of lasting friendship. It is a place where we are able to experience each other's strengths and help one another to overcome weaknesses.

YES. It is more than offering one's services. It is a lesson about faith, trust, hope, and most important LOVE.


Iskolar ng Bayan, Bayani Para sa Bayan

Hi! everyone:

Here's a copy of the inspiring speech delivered by our very own "Kasimanwa" Antonio P. Meloto of Negros Occidental. Tony has effectively started to rekindle the inherent Filipino trait; the "Bayanihan Spirit" as the Founder and Executive Director of GAWAD KALINGA that is making waves throughout the Philippines and supported by concerned Filipino expatriates.

I'm proud to say, as Exec.Vice-Pres. of the Association of Ilonggos of Metropolitan Washington D.C. (AIM) Inc. that we have started the initial funding of $30,000 for the AIM-GAWAD KALINGA VILLAGE in Iloilo City.

Incidentally, Gawad Kalinga reminds me of the "Bayanikasan Concept" of the late Dr. Salvador Z. Araneta.

My best wishes...dinggol..
(Source: BALITA-USA-4/24/06)

By Antonio P. Meloto, Gawad Kalinga
University of the Philippines (U.P.) Commencement Exercises
National College of Public Administration and Governance
22 April 2006

Maraming salamat sa inyong paanyaya na magsalita ngayon sa napakahalagang araw ng inyong buhay. Hindi po ako nag-aral dito sa UP, pero dalawang tao na malapit sa puso ko ang nagtapos dito. Yong ama ko was a graduate 68 years ago in Business Administration, at ang pangalawang anak ko ay nagtapos sa Theater Arts in 2003. Ako’y tuwang-tuwa dahil ito ang pinakaunang UP graduation na napuntahan ko and it somehow lessens the guilt of not attending my daughter’s graduation dahil pinahalagahan ko ang misyon ko para sa mahirap (Thank you very much for inviting me to this very important day in your lives. I did not go to school here at U.P. but two people very close to my heart finished here. My dad graduated here in Business Administration 68 years ago and my second child finished Theatre Arts here in 2003. I’m very elated, as this is the first U.P. graduation I’ve attended and it somehow lessens the guilt of not attending my daughter’s graduation because I put more importance on my mission to the poor).

When I was invited by Dean Alex Brillantes to be your speaker I asked myself what could I possibly say to some of the brightest minds in the country, mga Iskolar ng Bayan (scholars of the country), many of whom want to go into public service. I am not a politician. Since 1996, I vowed not to take on any political position, whether appointive or elective. Gusto ko lang magsilbi sa mahirap (I just wanted to serve the poor). I wanted to help the poor by caring for the least of my brethren as a Christian who was challenged to follow Jesus all the way to the slums. I wanted to learn how to care for the weak and the powerless who were victims of history and a political system that they thought they were helpless to change. So I speak before you as an ordinary Filipino who has discovered the potential of every Filipino to make a difference and to bring about meaningful change by learning to trust one another and to work together for the common good.

Going back to my father, he lived a remarkably simple life although he was the contemporary in U.P. of two powerful people – former President Ferdinand E. Marcos and Ambassador Roberto Benedicto. I remember the times when he would talk about these two popular men and I often wondered to myself why he was happy to be a nobody – contented with his life as a public school teacher and later on as an accounting clerk who could hardly provide for six children. One thing about my father, he was scrupulously honest, although frankly, I would have been happier in those times for him to be more compromising so we could have more comforts in life. At age 81, he died without ever owning a piece of land… or building his own house… or driving his own car. He left us with nothing except his good name, the respect of his friends and the many lessons he taught me. The greatest one I learned is that the political power of Marcos and the business empire of Benedicto failed to bring our country out of poverty and to make life better for our people.

It is not political power or wealth that builds a nation. Power and wealth are mere consequences of a strong nation. A strong nation is built by a strong people -- people who are determined to work hard, people who are willing to sacrifice for one another and the common good and most importantly, people with integrity.

U.P. has produced many people with integrity like my father. And it is this value that I want to highlight for those of you who want to go into public service or any field of human endeavor. Integrity is what we have lost as a people. We no longer trust our institutions. We lack confidence to succeed in our own country. We have lost the respect of other countries. Integrity is what we have to regain. Intelligence, competence, talents, skills we have in abundance because we are a gifted people but they are meaningless without integrity.

My father almost failed in me when I took the path of selfishness, wanting only to help myself gain the wealth and power that I never had. I compromised the values and integrity that he taught me to achieve my personal ambitions. But God intervened in my life in 1985 when I joined Couples for Christ and discovered a beautiful plan for me, for my family and my country. My family and I cannot grow at the expense of others but in fact achieve it by helping others find their own security and quality of life.

Our selfishness has created the mess that we are in. Worse, we are caught in a vicious culture of blame. Yes there is basis for blame. Many politicians have not kept their promises… many of the rich have not shared their wealth… some Church leaders have failed to practice what they preach… many Filipinos have abandoned their country… and even the poor have been criticized for not working hard enough.

At the rate we are blaming each other, everybody is to blame. Lahat naman nagkulang at lahat naman tayo ay nagkasala (We all had shortcomings and we all made mistakes). But blaming alone never solves the problem. It does not build homes for the poor. It does not feed the hungry. It does not restore human dignity. It destroys friendship. It poisons the spirit. It kills hope. Instead of looking for fault in others let’s look at ourselves –- what we have done wrong, what we have failed to do. We need to change…but for me, change begins with myself.

We have destroyed so much of ourselves and our country that me changing myself is not enough… that you changing yourself is not enough. We have to inspire change in many others… and, we have to change together.

Change will not come easy, that’s why we need to encourage and we need to honor all the good examples around us. We need to invite everyone to come on board. Poverty is so massive that our response to it cannot be small. We cannot rebuild this country if we do not engage every sector of society including government. It is counter-productive to judge all government officials as corrupt. In dealing with dishonest men, just be honest. We cannot change people if we make them our enemies. Engage them and bring out the best in them.

While many are accustomed to the path of blame, we have to discover a new path, build a new culture of honoring those who do good.

In Gawad Kalinga, we work with National Government agencies and over 300 mayors and governors and we have been inspired by their sincerity and their determination to help the poor in their towns and provinces. Last year, we discovered a lot of outstanding local government officials in our effort to rehabilitate victims of calamities and conflict. The popular image of politicians as trapos and corrupt has not often been our experience. In working together, most of them have shown sincerity, deep concern for their constituents, and honesty in their dealings with Gawad Kalinga. If we maintain our integrity in dealing with them, they can be encouraged to respond to us in the same way.

We have partnered with over a hundred corporations and many prominent families and individuals. They are not the insensitive, selfish, greedy people many have always painted them to be, when they are given the chance to show their concern and express their generosity. Many of them have adopted Gawad Kalinga as their opportunity to make a difference, and many more will do the same because of their example.

Itong nakaraan lang na typhoon sa Luzon, kailangan natin ng 400 hectares para sa mga 40,000 families na nawalan ng bahay at nawalan ng mga mahal sa buhay dahil nakatira sila sa delikadong lugar. Akala namin mahirap kumuha ng lupa (The past year here in Luzon,we needed 400 hectares to 40,000 homeless families who lost loved ones because they lived in dangerous areas. We thought it would be hard to find land for relocation but in 2 months we were able to raise 507 hectares in 12 provinces. Hindi pala madamot ang Pilipino kung sila ay naniniwala (We found out Filipinos were generous if they became believers).

The religious sector is likewise not indifferent. A number of churches are responding with boldness to the call of nation-building by restoring the dignity of poor Filipinos. Bishop Soc Villegas took the initiative to build the Cardinal Sin GK Village for the informal settlers in Punta Sta. Ana; Bishop Precioso Cantillas is helping in the rehabilitation of landslide victims in Southern Leyte; Archbishop Ramon Arguelles is providing Church land to informal settlers of Lipa City; and today, CBCP President and Archbishop of Jaro, Angel Lagdameo, is opening Church land in 5 vicariates to host Gawad Kalinga communities for the poorest of the poor including many Church workers.

The Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches had not been less generous when they partnered with Gawad Kalinga together with National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in building new communities for the typhoon victims in Luzon. And now, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, more popularly known as the Mormons, have volunteered their services and offered their expertise and resources in providing water systems in GK communities all over the country.

We are seeing a miracle in progress as different churches transcend their differences to work together to build a nation by helping the poor rise from poverty. This emerging unity is an affirmation of the Gawad Kalinga spirit of non-discrimination in the choice of whom to help and working with those who want to help.

Pwede rin magtulungan ang Muslim at Kristiyano (Muslims and Christians alike can still help each other).

Tomorrow I am flying to Camp Abubakar. Five years ago there was an all out war that destroyed an entire Muslim community. Mahigit isang libong pamilya ng mga kapatid nating Muslim ang nawalan ng tahanan (Over one thousand families of our Muslim brothers and sisters lost their homes). Tomorrow we will see 200 houses rising from the ashes of war. Together with Barira Mayor Alex Tomawis, DSWD and SMART, Christians and Muslims are building peace and friendship by building peaceful Gawad Kalinga communities in Camp Abubakar. This is also happening in 20 Muslim communities in Mindanao.

Millions of Filipinos have left the Philippines and we thought they had deserted us. But then again, this is not true. They have not forgotten. They have not stopped loving the motherland. Many are not just giving resources to build homes and villages but are actually coming home to help build them themselves. The Kampampangans helping Pampanga and Tarlac… the Batangueños helping Batangas… the Bicolanos helping Bicol.. and many more helping the provinces and towns of their birth. They are making true the words of Isaiah, “Your sons and daughters will come home to rebuild your broken cities.”

We gave life to the spirit of negativity, pessimism and divisiveness in our country and succeeded in convincing ourselves that we are hopeless. When we are in an attack mode in pursuit of even the noblest causes, the natural reaction is to defend and fight back perpetuating an environment of conflict.

We need a more radical response to our present predicament. Radical means to be different and to be passionate. Passion for change is oftentimes fueled by anger but passion that is more powerful is fueled by love… Love for God & country… Love for God & our poor countrymen. Pwede rin maging radical (You can still be radical) by following the path of love and the path of peace.

The University of the Philippines has always been known for being radical. It has produced outstanding men and women who risked their lives, their families and their future to fight injustice and corruption… most of them driven by a sincere desire for change. Despite the long history of militancy however, this university that has produced some of the most powerful leaders, politicians, businessmen and prominent advocates of many causes has not lifted our people out of poverty and our country out of corruption.

Is it possible for U.P. to champion a new brand of radicalism to what we already know? One that entails engaging all sectors of society without judgment or discrimination, following the path of peace and the true spirit of bayanihan (to be a hero for one another) to concretely find solutions to our problems.

Instead of Ibagsak (down with), can we try Itayo (up with)? Instead of away, puede bang magtulungan (fighting, how about helping)? Instead of unahan, puede bang walang iwanan (being first, how about not leaving anyone behind)? Lalong-lalo na sa mga matatalino, magagaling at mayayaman… yung mga mahirap na hindi makapasok sa UP, pwede bang balikan natin (Most of all to the bright and rich… the poor who could not attend UP, could we come back for them)? Huwag natin silang iwanan (Let us not leave them behind).

Even as we exercise our right to speak up and even criticize what we believe is not right, can we as vigorously honor what we see is good? Can we build and restore this country, where no Filipino is an enemy… where we will rise together because the weakest and the powerless among us will not be left behind?

Are you radical enough for this? Let me answer for you.

Yes, you are. This brand of radicalism already exists in U.P. but not recognized and honored enough. U.P. has Pahinungod which has done a marvelous job of stirring the spirit of volunteerism but it needs to be mainstreamed, sustained and embraced as a way of life. U.P. has given birth to many Non-Government Organizations (NGO) and cause-oriented groups that are sincere in their desire to help our country.

Three things that we need to recognize about being radical:

Working together to build peace in times of conflict is radical.

Fraternities fighting each other is normal. Fraternities working together… that is radical. When people unite, transcend political, religious and cultural differences and work together for the common good… that is radical. That is what Upsilon and Beta Epsilon, Beta Sigma and Alpha Sigma are starting to do in Gawad Kalinga. I honor Eric Pasion and those who started Gawad Kalinga Youth in U.P. for being builders of peace.

Working for the good of others at the sacrifice of greater opportunities for self is radical.

When people leave their high paying corporate jobs to give their time to serve their country – that is radical. Melo Villaroman, U.P. Business Economics ’84, retired early at age 42 as Director for Business Development for Asia of Procter & Gamble based in Singapore. When offered a higher position in Europe or the U.S. he politely declined and stated that his country needs him now. Eena Kanapi, U.P. Political Science ’92 is another radical spirit who left her job as Strategic Planning Director of a multi-national ad company to help the poor. Both are full-time volunteers of Gawad Kalinga, both are sharing their expertise in helping their countrymen rise from poverty.

Promoting the message of hope in times of despair is radical.

Maria Montelibano, first graduate of U.P. AB Broadcasting, multi-awarded TV Director and media specialist is heading a global multi-media campaign to communicate the message that there is hope for the Philippines if Filipinos can work together until there are no more squatters, no more slums, no more hunger, no more crime… where there is dignity and peace for everyone in this country.

U.P. has produced a beautiful Filipino in my daughter, Wowie. She has put her love life on hold to host the sports-adventure show GamePlan that showcases the beauty of our land and our people and to volunteer for Gawad Kalinga, bringing her to the poorest and the most remote areas of our country.

Many from this university have helped us in this Revolution of Hope – Cris Vertido, Cheche Lazaro and thousands of nameless and unrecognized volunteers and partners throughout the country. We are excited with the offer of support of President Emerlinda Roman throughout the U.P. system nationwide and offer of help from Dr. Ledy Cariño and Dr. Alex Brillantes to mobilize UP-NCPAG for Gawad Kalinga. We know that many more from among you and your parents will come and help.

I am asking all of you now to do what I ask every Filipino to do --

Never stop hoping for our country.
Don’t stop caring for our people.
Demand greatness from yourself as a Filipino
Inspire greatness in other Filipinos.

No nation in crisis ever achieved victory without its young warriors leading the battle. Do not wait to be as old as me before you start to help our people and build our nation. Begin now. Like others in my generation I am here to admit the mistakes we have made and share the lessons we have learned.

Our greatest mistake is that we keep leaving others behind, especially the weak and the powerless. Look at what we have reaped because of our neglect. And because we left them behind – this is the curse of poverty that you will inherit from us.

For the last four years, kayo ang mga iskolar ng bayan (you were the scholars of this country). This nation did not choose you to be her scholars so you can just help yourself. This nation chose you so you can help others. Don’t forget the poor -- the many others who will not have the privilege of a U.P. education. Go back to the towns and the communities where you come from and give land to the landless, build homes for the homeless and help grow food for the hungry.

This is the foundation of nation-building. From there, it grows to productivity built from discipline and talent. Nation is not about business, it is about economy. Nation is not about political parties, it is about governance. Nation is not about projects and programs, it is about vision. Nation is not about power and position, it is about leadership.

Let me send you off with a prayer.

As you go your way now, may God almighty light your path and embolden your heart. May you be the joy and consolation of your parents for all their hard work and sacrifice, knowing that you will be the future full of hope. May you heal the wounds of our nation and restore the dreams of our people. May you be the new generation of heroes that will bring our people to the promise land. May God be with you every step of the way.

Apat na taon kayong iskolar ng bayan (For four years you have been scholars of this country).
Habang buhay kayong bayani para sa bayan (Be lifetime heroes for this country)!

Congratulations at mabuhay kayong lahat (and long life to all)!


Frwd:A Filipino had planted a Phil. Flag at Summit of Mt. Everest

Hi! Michael:

Great news indeed! "First Filipino" on top of Mount Everest. BRAVO!!

As to the oldest and longest Family Tree; in the meantime, i'll just give you the "Pasakayli":

Except for the "Darwinista's", most of todays' civilized world generally believe first family started with Adam and Eve or their equivalent. In Filipino, of course, it's"si Malakas at si Maganda".

Now, Adam and Eve had Nine (9) children. But the most well known are the first two CAIN and Abel, maybe because the former slew the latter. I disagree with the belief; that it was Crime to Society and Sin against God. Actually, it was just a family affair since there was no society to talk of in the first place. Nor was it a Sin, because Moses got the Commandments much...much...later.

The nine children were: Cain, Abel, Seth, Azura, Awan, Lebuda, Qelimath, Luluwa and Aklia. Cain's wife was Awan while Seth was Azura also known as Norea. Yes! sisters, but they could do that, that was not a sin yet and they had no choice.

Adam died at the age of 930 and burried in the cave of Machpelah in Hebron, Israel.

Rest assured, you'll be the first to know after i'm done up-dating their genealogy..OK!

Sa guihapon...tito dinggol..

Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 01:18:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: michelangelo siscar
Subject: A Filipino Had Planted the Philippine Flag at the Summit of Mt. Everest: At Last

Dear All,

It is nice to tell everyone that a Filipino, at last, had climbed and Rached the summit of Mount Everest in the Himalayas yesterday. He is Leo Oracion from Lukban, Quezon. The other one Erwin Emata, from Davao, is still a few thousand feet below the summit and could reach the top too in a few hours. Both are 32 years old.

Oracion had brought with him a Philippine Flag and planted it on top of the world. He has with him too a Philippine flag drawn on paper with crayon colors made by his 5 year old daughter.

CONGRATULATIONS TO LEO ORACION AND ERWIN EMATA. Hiopefully the third guy would also reach the summit tomorrow. Praise The Lord Almighty.

So there you are. This is the kind of accomplishment Filipinos should aspire for instead of aspiring to debate congress and senate all these endless years.

The next First that should be accomplished by a Filipino are:

1. A Nobel Prize
2. A Gold Medal in the World Olympics
3. A Best Seller Novel (World Standard)
4. A Classic Composition
5. A World-Class Song
6. A World-Class Movie/Film
6. The tallest Building in the World
7. A World-Class Painting - (Amorsolo)
8. A World-Class Short Story
9. The Oldest and Longest Family Tree in the World (And still locate all its surviving members all over the world). This one is a great challenge to Tito Dinggol and Rose.

All for now. Thanks

Michelangelo H Siscar


What Goes Around...Comes Around..

His name was Fleming, and he was a poor Scottish farmer. One day, while trying to make a living for his family, he heard a cry for help coming from a nearby bog. He dropped his tools and ran to the bog.

There, mired to his waist in black muck, was a terrified boy, screaming and struggling to free himself. Farmer Fleming saved the lad from what could have been a slow and terrifying death.

The next day, a fancy carriage pulled up to the Scotsman's sparse surroundings. An elegantly dressed nobleman stepped out and introduced himself as the father of the boy Farmer Fleming had saved.

"I want to repay you," said the nobleman. "You saved my son's life."

"No, I can't accept payment for what I did," the Scottish farmer replied waving off the offer. At that moment, the farmer's own son came to the door of the family hovel.

"Is that your son?" the nobleman asked. "Yes," the farmer replied proudly.

"I'll make you a deal. Let me provide him with the level of education my own son will enjoy. If the lad is anything like his father, he'll no doubt grow to be a man we both will be proud of." And that he did.

Farmer Fleming's son attended the very best schools and in time, graduated from St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, London University, and went on to become known throughout the world as the noted Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of Penicillin.

Years afterward, the same nobleman's son who was saved from the bog was stricken with pneumonia.

What saved his life this time? Penicillin...

The name of the nobleman? Lord Randolph Churchill. His son's name?

Sir Winston Churchill.

Indeed!... What goes around comes around.


Flashback! Sen. "Mar" Araneta Roxas

Hi! everyone:

Just for your info(FYI):

Senator Manuel "Mar" Araneta Roxas garnered the highest number of votes during the last Senatorial Election. He is presently the Araneta bloodline who occupies the highest position in government service.

While the First Gentleman, Mike Arroyo is a great grandson of Jesusa Araneta Lacson de Arroyo and husband of incumbent President "GMA".

These parientes and their immediate families attended the first and/or second Araneta Family Grand Reunion/s.

Kind regards...dinggol..
(this story was taken from

Roxas matriarch elated
over son's Senate bid
Posted:0:51 AM (Manila Time) | Dec. 14, 2003
By Raj Padilla
Inquirer News Service

ILOILO CITY -- There could be no prouder mom than Judy Araneta-Roxas, widow of the late Senator Gerardo Roxas, and mother of former Trade Secretary and now Senate aspirant Manuel "Mar" Roxas II.

Ms Roxas told the Inquirer on Friday how happy she was to find her eldest son inching closer to the footsteps of his father, a former senator, and grandfather, the late President Manuel Roxas.

"I think that is his vision. I will support him all the way -- his plans, ambitions and passions,'' said Roxas of the wealthy Araneta clan.

She said destiny has always been in Mar's favor and if luck comes his way always, he would even be more thriving in his chosen public career.

"Mar is a very dedicated person. Whatever he does, he does it with so much passion. God has given him so many blessings. He's intelligent. But he's biggest gift of all is that, his heart is in the right place -- the desire to help," she said.

According to her, Mar wanted to become a senator so he can continue serving his people on a national scale.

"On a macro level, he wants to be of help to the greater majority. You have to be in a higher position to be able to do that," she said.

Judy was here as an honored guest of former Iloilo Representative Albertito Lopez and his wife, erstwhile Guimaras Representative and Governor Emily Lopez, at the Christmas party of the Lopez-run Taos Puso Foundation in Zarraga town, Iloilo province last Friday.

When her chance to speak came, Judy appealed to thousands of people in attendance to give her son a chance to serve them better.

She told them that Mar knows the concerns of even the ordinary Filipino, the reason why he earned the monicker, Mr. Palengke, while serving as trade secretary.

"He believed that the market is a microcosm of life, particularly in our country. Whatever happens in the market, happens in the Philippines but in a different dimension," she said.

Roxas, 46, was a Capiz provincial representative when deposed President Joseph Estrada assigned him the trade portfolio in 1998. He resigned though before Estrada was removed from power through a popular uprising. But President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo re-appointed him.
-------------------------- o ------------------------


Fundacion Familia Araneta Foundation

Dear AFMA-Members:

It's indeed great, that with the marvels of technology we are able to make contact worldwide and communicate thru cyberspace.

All the best...dinggol..
Primo Dinggol wherever are you?

We have just formed the Fundacion Familia Araneta Foundation, registered with SEC and with the folllowing as members. Eva Araneta Serra (chairperson emeritus), and five board members, viz

Antonette Tionko Treasurer
Gina Barte Secretary
Baba A Escudero Board Member
Rita. Tirol Sanson Board Member
Clem Dreyfus Del Castillo (of Juan Araneta Museum in Bago and Tourism Officer of Bago) as President.

This Foundation is entrusted with coordinating all the family groups, including that of Zamboanga which attended our reunion in Boracay in 1999, the Iloilo and Negros groups plus that of Metro Manila. I have even touched base with the Bicolano group but they are still supposed to submit their genealogical chart

Send me your address, cell phone so we can touch base. I have a son in California studying at UC Riverside, whose mother is a Corteza and a daughter living in Mexico City. I have another son now ten years old living with me in Alabang Ayala, mother is Gina Barte of Antique. Take care and regards to your sister.


Hi! Prims:

WOW! i'm very happy at long last our plan of a Foundation for Philippine Araneta's did materialized, with Manang Eva at the helm. Congratulations! to the "Parientes" who composed the Board. With you around no question, they're all OK!

Actually, I have been worried since that's in my article"The First Araneta Family Grand Reunion" a long time ago, That's providential, it's now a reality!

I must admit, you are my mentor who motivated my familial fervor to get involved in this kind of family matters.

As stated in my transmittal, I just relocated to Michigan two weeks ago. Although, shall still commute every now and then to Metro DC area.

Last week, I created an eNews Bulletin for Araneta Family Members Association to communicate via cyberspace and result is very encouraging.

That's how we got connected thru Katrina Araneta Holigores.

Presently, i'm the duly elected Executive Vice-President of the ASSOCIATION OF ILONGGOS OF METROPOLITAN WASHINGTON D.C.(AIM) INC. and Editor of the AIM-Budyong Newsletter (notwithstanding the fact sometimes i'm poor in grammar). We have over a thousand members within the Metro DC area (Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC).

Just now i'm starting to discover that several AIM-members have Araneta bloodlines.

Kind regards...dinggol..

p.s. We'll keep in touch.


The First Araneta Family Grand Reunion

*November 19 & 20, 1993, Iloilo City-Philippines*
(By: Dinggol Araneta Divinagracia)

From as far as Ilocus up in the North, down to Davao in the South, they came from all parts of the country. Some came by land and by sea, others came via commercial airlines and still others came in their own private airplanes. The same destination Iloilo City. The same purpose, to attend and participate in the "First" Grand Reunion of the ARANETA CLAN last November 19 & 20, 1993.

The affair on the 20th started with a Thanksgiving Mass at the historic Santa Ana Church in Molo, Iloilo City officiated by Archbishop Alberto Jover Piamonte. It was followed by a sumptous lunch-buffet at the Sanson-Araneta/ Montinola-Jalandoni "Antillan House" at Jaro, Iloilo City. The venue courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Gregorio "Greg" Sanson y Montinola, grandson of Dona Isabel Soriano Araneta de Sanson.

Emcee during the morning program was Pablito V. Araneta, Board Member of the 4th District of Iloilo and grandson of Gen. Pablo Soriano Araneta.

Highlights of the program was the presentation of each family lineage and delegations coming from various parts of the country by Dinggol Araneta Divinagracia, which includes the Bago City Aranetas' who registered the biggest number of participants.

In the afternoon; kinship was either discovered or renewed during the fellowship, games and business meeting.

A formal dinner was held at the Residence Hotel along Gen. Luna Street with the evening program emceed by Jose Alfonso "Jojo" Hallares (great grandson of Gen. Marciano Soriano Araneta) and Marie Jo Fuentes Gallardo (great granddaughter of Gen. Juan Anacleto Torres Araneta).

During the evening program, delegates who belong to the "Araneta Circle of Senior Members" were recognized and properly honored by clan members.

Antonio "TonyPet" Araneta, grandson of Don Gregorio Soriano Araneta demonstrated an impressive "Slide Presentation" using rare Araneta photos of the yesteryears. Likewise, several members of the Clan also rendered messages and short talks.

Conspicously present were former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos' children: Congressman Bongbong Marcos with wife, lawyer Lisa Cacho Araneta of the Araneta Negros Branch; and his sister Irene Romualdez Marcos with husband, sportman -- businessman Greggy Araneta of the Araneta Iloilo Branch.

Likewise, the latest member of Congress and grandson of past Philippine President Manuel A. Roxas; the young and ever smiling scion of the Roxas-Araneta Clan of Capiz, Manuel "Mar" Araneta Roxas drew much attention. He has the very rare distinction of having descended from three branches of the family. With him, in that category are Lourdes "Lulu" Sitchon Araneta-Villarosa and Ma. Magdalena "Diting" Gonzaga del Castillo-Sia who were also present.

The Yulo-Araneta Clan of Canlubang Estate in Laguna were represented by Maritoni Yulo de Loyzaga, daughter of former Assemblyman Luis Araneta Yulo and by the teenage celebrity Margarita Yulo Gomez (Great Granddaughter of former Congress- Speaker Jose Y. Yulo and Cecilia Araneta de Yulo) who rendered a superb operatic singing performance.

The Araneta's of Cubao, Quezon City led by Ma. Lourdes "Baby" Araneta-Fores, the youngest daughter of business tycoon J.Amado Araneta & Ester Araneta de Araneta, founders of the Araneta business empire in Cubao, came with Gaita Araneta Fores and Mar Araneta Roxas, who also represented his mother, Judy Araneta-Roxas and the family of ther late Senator Gerry A. Roxas. Baby Araneta-Fores, offered generously the world renowned "Araneta Coliseum", the biggest dome coliseum in the world as venue for future Araneta Family Grand Reunions.

Descendants of Gen. Aniceto L. Lacson and Rosario Emilia Araneta de Lacson were represented, as follows:

1. Jesusa Araneta Lacson de Arroyo, by: Ignacio Lacson Arroyo, Jose Maria Arroyo, Jr. and Atty. Antonio Lacson Arroyo.
2. Carmen Araneta Lacson de Claparols, by: Alberto and Carmita Claparols-Balcells with son Carlos and their family; Antonio Medina Claparols, representing the Jaime Lacson Claparols family.
3. Ma. Enriquita Araneta Lacson de Lacson, by: Ma. Angela Silverio Lacson.
4. Mariano Araneta Lacson, by: Hector Montilla Lacson and Mary Alice Lacson with Skip, Eric and Clairli Lacson.

Antonio Montilla Esteban, son of Eduardo Araneta Esteban & Anatolia Montilla came with his wife, former Negros Occidental Governor Gloria Araneta-Esteban and their daughters: Amelia "Meling" Rodriguez, Glorieta "Baby" Javelosa & Ma. Merle "Nini" Villacorta.

The Tionko-Araneta Clan headed by the Tionko brothers: Romeo, Efraim and Mariano registered about 25 delegates; 9 who flew over from Davao City (descendants of Vicente Araneta Tionko and Vicenta Suazo Demonteverde) were: Jose Hizon Tionko with his sons; J.T. and Tommy; also Shella and Ana Vi, children of Ana Socorro Tionko Laxa. Other delegates of this clan came from Negros but mostly resides in Iloilo. Trinidad "Booday"Tirador Tionko, the Araneta Family Members Association's Treasurer is the daughter of Marianing Galan Tionko and Victoria Tirador-Tionko.

Attendance of the Araneta's of Anilao, Iloilo headed by Sangguniang Bayan Member Paterno Aponte Araneta includes Francisco, Ninfa, Mauricio and Warlito Araneta. Also, Asuncion Araneta Pedroso, Milagros Araneta Caro and Samuel Araneta Pedroso. They are descendants of Pantaleon Araneta who left Molo to settle in Sto. Rosario in Anilao, Iloilo during the early part of the 19th century. The descendants of Eusebio Araneta; Andrea Araneta-Zaldarriaga who came was Senene Araneta-Arano; also Raul A. Belita from Capiz with wife Lydia and members of their family.

Granddaughters of Simplicio Montinola and Cornelia Araneta-Montinola who attended were Emma Montinola-Ledesma with her children: Bobby and Joaquinito; Violeta Montinola-Ng with husband Pepito Ng, Ofelia Montinola-de Leon, Estela Montinola- Jaen with niece Marie Josephine "Joy" Gatuslao-Siscar and other members of their clan. Atty. Celerino "Junjun" Grecia III, son of Atty. "Hino" Grecia and Erlinda de la Torre-Grecia of La Carlota, Negros Occidental was the lone delegate of the Raymundo Escarilla and Natividad Araneta-Escarilla clan.

Mr. and Mrs. Paqui Caram, son of Iloilo(City's)2nd District Congressman, the late Fermin "Nene" Caram came to represent their Paternal Great Grandfather Geronimo Araneta Palacios.

The Agaton Araneta and Josefa Locsin-Araneta clan who participated includes Emma Esteban-Campos, Grace Ma. Espinosa-Obligacion, Ramon "Monet" Esteban Kilayko, Antonio "Nonoy" Esteban Campos, Jane Campos-Jarantilla and Ma. Cecilia Campos- Jarantilla with daughters Nicole and Bea. Cecile and Jane did a very laudable job as In-Charge of the Registration Committee.

Rene Montelibano and nephew Raymund Montelibano(AFMA-P.C.O), son of Hector & Kalang Macalalag -Montelibano of Mandurriao, Iloilo City came to represent the descendants of Vicenta Suansing Araneta de Escobar and Fausto Escobar. Rene's wife, the late Inday Yulo-Montelibano was also a member of the Matti-Araneta-Yulo Clan.

Bago City Mayor Manuel "Tutay" Yulo Torres and wife Janet Araneta Espinosa-Torres came to represent descendants of Irene Limsiaco Araneta-Torres & Dionisio Torres.Also came were Francisco "Kikoy" Yulo Torres and Milagring Yulo-Layson together with her daughter Concepcion "Pinky" Layson-Rojo(AFMA-Auditor) and granddaughter Kristine.

The delegates of the Atanacio Araneta y Dionson clan were Laura Araneta-Lizares, Lourdes and Montserrat Araneta as well as Amparo Araneta-Cusi and Milagros Araneta-Cusi.

Bago City Vice Mayor Trinidad V. Javellana and sister Bernardina V. Javellana de Intengan represented the Bernardina Araneta Palacios-Villanueva clan together with the daughter of the late Humberto V. Javellana; Gregoria Y. Javellana and also Bert Jaleco Javellana.

The Aranetas' of Bago who registered the biggest number of delegates was headed by Dona Sylvia Araneta-Torres, one of the two surviving daughters of Gen. Juan "Tan Juan" Araneta who came together with Dr. Samson "Saming" Araneta Gonzaga and family, Estanislao "Noning" Araneta Padilla; out-going and in-coming President of the Gen. Juan Araneta Family Association of Bago City respectively. Dona Sylvia came personally with daughter Nena T. Javellana and granddaughters Jing Javelona and Suzette J. de Sello.

Dona Maria Rica Araneta-Matti, the other surviving daughter of "Tan Juan" was represented by Fedick and Berting Matti, and Ma. Fe Matti-Dilag.

The other offsprings of "Tan Juan" were represented by their children, their grandchildren and great grandchildren, namely: Guillermo "Baby" Araneta with wife Dorothy "Jhong" Araneta de Araneta and children Carmela, Gie and Lucille; Natalia A. Gonzaga de Locsin, also Abraham Araneta Gonzaga and family; Patria Araneta- Fuentes & sister Rebecca Araneta-de Leon with daughter Dra. Nani Araneta de Leon; Donna Padilla-Guanzon, Allyn Gonzaga-Guevarra, Grena Padilla-Delicana, Victor Araneta, Philip Araneta, Mary Ann infante, Ernie Araneta Hilado, Cary Araneta, Erly Gonzaga, Baby Ditching and twin sisters Lilia and Lydia Araneta Aurelio, Bago City SP Member Samson "Jingjong" Gonzaga, Jr., Dandoy Matti de Venecia, Wynn Araneta, Tina Gotera Araneta, Nanette and Cathy Diaz Milabo and others. Rebecca Araneta-de Leon was Vice-Chairperson of Araneta Reunion '93 Committee.

The Federico Matti and Consolacion Araneta de Matti clan was led by Negros Occ. 4th District Congressman Edward Miller Matti with wife Gigi Araneta-Matti and son Leonard. The brothers Maximo and Eduardo Matti were also around together with Jose "JP" Yulo, grandson of Carmen Araneta-Matti and Arsenio Yulo, Sr. & others.

The Remegio Salas and Maria Rosario Araneta-Salas clan were represented by Pilar Concepcion-Yulo, wife of Alberto Salas Yulo and two grand daughters; Peachy Yulo- Deles(AFMA-Business Manager) and Sandra Yulo-Francisco with their children.

The descendants of Don Marciano Yulo Araneta, erstwhile "Presidente Municipal" of Bago, Negros Occidental were well represented which includes the Aranetas' of Cubao, Quezon City and the Canlubang Estate in Laguna. Led by the matriarch of the family; Dona Eva Araneta-Serra (wife of an illustrious ilonggo; the late Dr. Tomas Serra). She was the most sought-after person during the reunion as she knows the Araneta Family Tree like the palm of her hands. She came came with her son, the "Muy mucho macho" Enriquito Araneta Serra. Also available to give Manang Eva a helping hand was her younger sister Lucy Locsin Araneta-Solinap and her children.

Incidentally, Eva Araneta-Serra was elected Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Araneta Family Members Association which shall be processed for registration as the "Araneta Family Foundation, Inc.", a non-stock, non-profit family corporation.

Still from this side of the family, those who came were Manolet Araneta and wife Mila Cacho-Araneta together with their children who were among the first to respond to the call of a Family Grand Reunion, namely: Suzanne Araneta-Ledesma, Cecile Araneta-Cacho and Liza Araneta-Marcos. They came with several members of their familias. Suzanne and Cecile are actively involved in up-dating the Araneta Family Genealogy.

Angel "AA" Aldeguer Araneta came with wife Binky Montinola-Araneta and son Jose Luis. "AA" Araneta's role was very important during the organizational stage as liaison between the Negros and Iloilo Aranetas.

The Felix Militante Araneta and Paz Ditching Soriano-Araneta clan of Molo, Iloilo City had quite a big delegation represented, as follows:

1. Isabel Soriano Araneta de Sanson: By: Greg and Marilou Tirol-Sanson and their children Albert and Ma. Rita. Greg's brothers George, Federico and Francisco and family. Jose "Pepe" Sanson (Over-all Chairman Reunion '93) and Teresita G. Sanson with children Joebert, Celine and others. Felicito "Ito" Sanson and wife Nanette Lizares-Sanson with their son. Cely Sanson-Saquin, Mildred Gustilo Sanson and Nilda Oquendo-Sanson with her children. Also present were Marilyn Yusay-Rivera and husband Dr. Alejandro Rivera and family. And also the Yusay sisters of the Assumption Religious Order: Sister Agnes Therese,R.A. & Sister Marie Leonie,R.A.

2. Pablo Soriano Araneta: By the children of former Barotac Nuevo (Iloilo) Mayor Mariano Cartagena Araneta and Dra. Estrella Valera-Araneta; Pablito V. Araneta (AFMA-VP External Affairs), Antonio "Biboy" Araneta and Rebecca Araneta-Gaborne together with their families.

3. Marciano Soriano Araneta: By his only surviving daughter; Adela Locsin Araneta de Divinagracia with her children Carmeling Divinagracia-Hallares and Rodolfo "Dinggol" Araneta Divinagracia. And grandchildren; Jose Alfonso "Jojo" Hallares (AFMA-P.R.O.)and Lania Hallares; Marie Adele, Stella Marie, Maria Carla and J. Rudyard all surnamed Divinagracia y Tenebro were present.

Children of Consuelo Divinagracia de Araneta (wife of the late Arturo Locsin Araneta) who came were Marcia Araneta-Regala, Erwin and Consuelo Araneta-Corteza (AFMA-Secretary), Consolacion Esteva-Araneta together with the younger Araneta generation; Nolan and Mariza Araneta-Saclauso, Julian and sister Samantha Araneta Corteza, Denden Araneta Masilongan; Rubio and sister Ma.Grace"Ilyich"Araneta Bocala.

4. Gregorio Soriano Araneta: Headed by his only surviving daughter Margarita "Tina" Araneta-Singh and Antonio "Tony" Albert registered 18 delegates coming from Metro Manila. Seven of Don Gregorio's children had delegates during the reunion, represented as follows:

1) Dr. Salvador Z. Araneta: By: his daughter Ana Marie Araneta-Santos Ocampo.2) J. Antonio Z. Araneta: By: his sons; TonyPet and Eking Araneta and by his daughter Maity Araneta-Holigores.3) Rosa Araneta-Alcuaz: By his sons; Francisco "Paco" Alcuaz and wife Glory Locsin-Alcuaz; Jose Luis "Linggoy" Alcuaz with wife Ma. Fe Ahorro-Alcuaz.4) Ramon Z. Araneta: By: his son Benito "Bomboy" Araneta and daughters, Marilou Araneta-Senn and Angela Araneta-del Rosario.5) Teresa Araneta-Albert: By husband Tony Albert and son Ramon"Monchit"Araneta Albert with wife Marilou Puno-Albert.6) Margarita"Tina" Araneta-Singh: By herself and her son Robert Araneta Singh.7) Luis Ma. Z. Araneta: By: Greggy Benitez Araneta and wife Irene Marcos-Araneta.

5. Maria Soriano Araneta de Segovia: By: her great grandchildren; the children of Rodolfo and Celia Araneta Singson-Balmaceda: Rodolfo Singson Balmaceda, Jr and Raffy & Marissa S. Balmaceda-Sison with their children Chipper and Aimee.

6. Jose Soriano Araneta: By his grandchildren Marilyn Araneta Vasquez-Salazar with her "apo" Mayet (daughter of Camille Vasquez Salazar and Martin de la Cruz Dabao) and Joe Marie Araneta Imutan with wife Mylene Sanico-Imutan and their children: Marie May, Marie Tess and Jojo Sanico Imutan.

The First Araneta Family Grand Reunion in Iloilo City last November 19 and 20, 1993 was indeed a success. It was most memorable as cousins of various degrees got to know each other for the first time; some who are friends for many years only then learned that they have similar bloodline; and some who had only seen each other when they were still kids met again after several years---all thanks to the Grand Reunion.

Everyone is looking forward to the next Grand Reunion scheduled in Bacolod and in Bago City, Negros Occidental three years from now.

With the enthusiasm, eagerness and cooperation as shown by all the members of the Araneta Clan who attended the affair, there is no doubt that the brotherhood of the Araneta ancestors will surely continue to future generations.

Dinggol Araneta Divinagracia
(November 29, 1993)

Nota bene:(With apologies to delegates not mentioned due to lack of material informations)

Thursday, June 22, 2006


The Araneta Family and the Philippine Revolution


(Nota Bene: The original Copy of these Articles and Photos were published during the "First Araneta Family Grand Reunion" held in Iloilo City, Philippines on November 19-20, 1993.

Likewise, during the "Second Araneta Family Grand Reunion in the Cities of Bacolod and Bago-Negros Occidental on April 26-28, 1996.

The Author has never authorized reproduction of the same in whole or in part since then. Any reproduction; therefore, is unauthorized!!

The Araneta Family members played crucial roles in one of the most important chapters of our nation's history before the turn of the century. . ."The Philippine Revolution". .

Thus, in observance of the decade of Filipino Nationalism; the 95th Anniversary of the Declaration of the Independent Republic of Negros on November 5, 1993; the 95th Anniversary of the Inauguration of the Revolutionary Government of the Visayas on November 17, 1993 at Santa Barbara, Iloilo, and the Celebration of the "First Araneta Family Grand Reunion in Iloilo City on November 19-20, 1993, this article is written as a tribute to the Araneta Family, a family of strenght and nobility.

(By: dinggol araneta divinagracia - S# -1.111.523.000)

Part-I "Early History"

The Philippine Aranetas' are descended from two brothers who came from the Guipuzcoa Province of the historical region of Vascongadas or Basque Country in Northern Spain. Evidently hidalgos or members of nobility since they possessed a Coat-of-Arms.

During the Galleon Trade in 1723, Admiral Baltazar de Araneta and his brother Don Jose de Araneta arrived in Manila from Acapulco, Mexico on board the "Nuestra Senora de Guia". Baltazar de Araneta married to Manuela de Aguirre served as a Regidor of the Cabildo in Manila and later became the Secretary of the charitable Fraternity of the Misericordia. He died in Manila in 1750.

His son Juan Francisco de Araneta, a Maestre on the Galleon "Santisima Trinidad" fought the British forces when they attacked Manila in 1762. He proved his nobility before the justices of Gaiza in the year 1773.

While in 1725, Don Jose de Araneta joined the first expeditionary forces for Mindanao together with Don Placido Alberto de Saavedra, to serve the Spanish Politico-Military Government based at Zamboanga City as interpreter of the government and the reigning Sultan of Maguindanao --
Sultan Amiril Mamini Camsa.

Don Jose de Araneta died in line of duty as Royal Interpreter in 1746 at Silangan (Sulugan) the present Anuling in Cotabato, Mindanao. Don Jose de Araneta's two sons, Buenaventura and Vicente, both surnamed Araneta y Santa Ana left Zamboanga for Iloilo while another son Jose (John Doe) stayed behind.

Years later, Vicente Araneta y Santa Ana together with his family joined the exodus of the more adventurous prominent ilonggos such as the Yulo's and the Yusay's, the Locsin's and the Lacson's, the Lopezes' and the Ledesma's, the Jalandoni's and Javellana's, the Salases' and de la Rama's and others who migrated to the "New Frontier", the fertile Island of Negros.
Part-II "Genealogy"
*1.000.000-Don Jose de Araneta y Guyol- (The Ancestor)*

"The Aranetas of ILOILO"


Buenaventura Santa Ana Araneta who permanently settled at Parian, now Molo in Iloilo City. . . became its Gobernadorcillo (Alcalde Naturales) in 1823. He married Isabel Theresa Estrella by whom he had four (4) children, namely: Hermenegildo, who later on also became the Gobernadorcillo of Molo in 1853, Antonio, Pantaleon and Aniceta who died single.

1.110.000-HERMENEGILDO ESTRELLA ARANETA- -(Petrona Locsin Militante)
Hermenegildo Estrella Araneta married Petrona Locsin Militante, daughter of Estanislao Militante of Mandurriao, Iloilo and Maxima Melliza Locsin of Parian (Molo) by whom he had eight (8) children, namely: Felix, Gabriel, Leocadia, Epifania, Ceferina, Maria, Agaton and Pedro.

1.111.000-FELIX MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Paz Ditching Soriano)
Felix Militante Araneta married Paz Soriano y Ditching, daughter of Don Anselmo Soriano y Flores (Gobernadorcillo of Molo in 1860) and Maria Ditching of Binondo, Manila by whom he had seventeen (17) children, namely:

T h e C h i l d r e n: - - - - - - (Spouse/s):

1.111.100-Leopoldo Soriano Araneta- -(Died a Minor)
1.111.200-Angel Soriano Araneta- -(Juanita Tejico)
1.111.300-Isabel Soriano Araneta- -(Roque Locsin Sanson)
1.111.400-Pablo Soriano Araneta- -(Emiliana Montez/Natividad Buenaflor de Gayoso/Josefina Cartagena/Candelaria Robles)
1.111.500-Marciano Soriano Araneta- -(Rosario Masa/Felipa Locsin y Flores-Paguntalan)
1.111.600-Gregorio Soriano Araneta- -(Carmen Zaragoza y Roxas)
1.111.700-Anastacio Soriano Araneta- -(Spouse unknown)
1.111.800-Maria Soriano Araneta- -(Luis Segovia)
1.111.900-Felomina Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.111.1000-Rosario Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.111.1100-Lina Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.111.1200-Jose Soriano Araneta- -(Rosario Perez y Frias)
1.111.1300-Concepcion Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.111.1400-Candelaria Soriano Araneta- -(Died a Minor)
1.111.1500-Encarnacion Soriano Araneta- -(Died a Minor)
1.111.1600-Felicito Soriano Araneta- -(Clotilde Montinola y Araneta)
1.111.1700-Remedios Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)

1.112.000-GABRIEL MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Antonina Gonzales)
Gabriel Militante Araneta married Antonina Gonzales by whom he had two (2) daughters, namely:

1.112.100-Cornelia Gonzales Araneta- -(Simplicio Montinola)
1.112.200-Natividad Gonzales Araneta- -(Raymundo Escarilla)

1.113.000-LEOCADIA MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Died Single)

1.115.000-CEFERINA MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Placido Esteban)
Ceferina Militante Araneta married Placido Esteban by whom she had four (4) children, namely:

1.115.100-Emilio Araneta Esteban- -(Pilar Araneta y Locsin)
1.115.200-Eduardo Araneta Esteban- -(Anatolia Montilla y Zaldivar)
1.115.300-Soledad Araneta Eeteban- -(Juan Abraham)
1.115.400-Francisco Araneta Esteban- -

1.116.000-MARIA MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Vito Locsin Tionko)
Maria Militante Araneta married Vito Tionko y Locsin by whom she had three (3) sons, namely:

1.116.100-Mariano Araneta Tionko- -(Soledad Galan y Marin)
1.116.200-Jose Araneta Tionko- -(Rufina Denuevo)
1.116.300-Vicente Araneta Tionko- -(Vicenta Demonteverde y Suazo)

1.117.000-AGATON MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Josefa Locsin)
Agaton Militante Araneta married Josefa Locsin by whom he had three (3) daughters, namely:

1.117.100-Josefa Locsin Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.117.200-Pilar Locsin Araneta- -(Emilio Esteban y Araneta)
1.117.300-Consuelo Locsin Araneta- -(Died Single)

1.118.000-PEDRO MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Silvestra Magno)
Pedro Militante Araneta married Silvestra Magno by whom he had a son named:

1.118.100-Quintin Magno Araneta- -

1.120.000-ANTONIO ESTRELLA ARANETA- -(Silvestra Sayson Locsin)
Antonio Estrella Araneta married Silvestra Sayson Locsin, daughter of Augustine Locsin and Celia Sayson of Parian (Molo) in Iloilo City.

Pantaleon Estrella Araneta, youngest son of Buenaventura left Parian (Molo) to settle in Sto. Rosario, Anilao, Iloilo where he got married and had (4)children, namely:

1.131.000-Luis Araneta- -
1.132.000-Agustin Araneta- -
1.133.000-Pedro Araneta- -(Ildefonsa Aragon)
1.134.000-Hermenegildo Araneta- -

1.140.000-ANECITA ESTRELLA ARANETA- -(Died Single)

"The Araneta's of NEGROS"

Vicente Sta. Ana Araneta who migrated to the new frontier of Negros Island is married to Manuela Vicenta de Araneta by whom he had three (3) sons, namely: Luis, Jacinto and Jose

1.210.000-LUIS ARANETA- -(Celedonia de los Dolores)
Luis Araneta, who in 1798 became the Vicar Forane of the Vicariate of Bacolod to Hinigaran based in Bago, begot five (5) children with Celedonia de los Dolores, namely: Pedro, Vicente Atanacio, Manuela, Teresa and Josefa.

1.211.000-PEDRO DE LOS DOLORES ARANETA- -(Dionisia Limsiaco)
Pedro de los Dolores Araneta married Dionisia Limsiaco by whom he had four (4) children, namely:

1.211.100-Tomas Limsiaco Araneta- -(Maria Benitez)
1.211.200-Irene Limsiaco Araneta- -(Francisco Transmonte Torres)
1.211.300-Lina Limsiaco Araneta- -(Juan Yulo)
1.211.400-Simeon Limsiaco Araneta- -(Esperanza Villanueva)

Vicente Atanacio de los Dolores Araneta married Inez Suansing by whom he had six (6) children, namely:

1.212.100-Vicente"Botoy" Suansing Araneta- -(Laurencia Araneta Palacios/ Cleofe Militante Yulo/ Gregoria Montoya/ Teodora Dionson)
1.212.200-Vicenta Suansing Araneta- -(Fausto Escobar)
1.212.300-Juan Suansing Araneta- -
1.212.400-Maria Suansing Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.212.500-Ignacia Suansing Araneta- - (Died Single)
1.212.600-Simon Suansing Araneta- -(Felisa Locsin Araneta)

1.213.000-MANUELA DE LOS DOLORES ARANETA- -(Jose C. Araneta)
Manuela de los Dolores Araneta married Jose "Cachila" Cabunsol Araneta by whom she had a daughter, named:

1.213.100-Maria Cleofe Araneta Araneta- -(Vicente Trinidad)

1.214.000-TERESA DE LOS DOLORES ARANETA- -(Inocencio"Imo"Quizon)
Teresa de los Dolores Araneta married Inocencio "Imo" Quizon

1.215.000-JOSEFA DE LOS DOLORES ARANETA- -(Gregorio E. Varela)
Josefa de los Dolores Araneta married Gregorio Evangelista Varela by whom she had four (4) children, namely:

1.215.100-Antonio Araneta Varela- -(Micaela Araneta Medel)
1.215.200-Eusebio Araneta Varela- -(Vicenta Araneta Medel)
1.215.300-Francisco Araneta Varela- -
1.215.400-Dolores Araneta Varela- -(Agaton Ramos)

1.220.000-JACINTO ARANETA- -(Josefa Cecilia Cabunsol)
Jacinto Araneta, second son of the Araneta Patriach of Negros, married Josefa Cecilia Cabunsol of the "Kabungsuan" royal family of Mindanao by whom he had five (5) children, namely:

1.221.000-JUAN CABUNSOL ARANETA- -(Died a Minor)
1.222.000-JOSE "Cachila" CABUNSOL ARANETA- -(Manuela de los Dolores Araneta)
Jose "Cachila" Cabunsol Araneta married Manuela de los Dolores Araneta by whom he had a daughter, named:

1.222.100-Maria Cleofe Araneta Araneta- -(Vicente Trinidad)

1.223.000-PATRICIO CABUNSOL ARANETA- -(Leoncia Emilia)
Patricio Cabunsol Araneta married Leoncia Emilia by whom he had six (6) children, namely:

1.223.100-Elena Emilia Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.223.200-Pascuala Emilia Araneta- -(Mariano del Castillo)
1.223.300-Inocencio Emilia Araneta- -(Fructousa Octavio)
1.223.400-Rosario Emilia Araneta- -(Anecito L. Lacson)
1.223.500-Gerardo Emilia Araneta- -(Melitona Vinzon)
1.223.600-Cornelia Emilia Araneta- -

1.224.000-MARIA DOMINGA CABUNSOL ARANETA- -(Jose Palacios)
Maria Dominga Cabunsol Araneta married Jose Palacios by whom she had six (6) children, namely:

1.224.100-Bernardina Araneta Palacios- -(Faustino Villanueva)
1.224.200-Andrea Araneta Palacios- -(Died Single)
1.224.300-Laurencia Araneta Palacios- -(Vicente"Botoy"Araneta)
1.224.400-Anacleto Araneta Palacios- -
1.224.500-Geronimo Araneta Palacios- -(Gervasia Espenda)
1.224.600-Lutgarda Araneta Palacios- -(Pablo Sitchon)

1.225.000-ROMUALDO CABUNSOL ARANETA- -(Agueda Villanueva Torres)
Romualdo Cabunsol Araneta married Agueda Torres y Villanueva by whom he had nine (9) children, namely:

1.225.100-Magdalena Torres Araneta- -(Pedro Sarmiento)
1.225.200-Eusebio Torres Araneta- -(Catalina Antinero)
1.225.300-Angela Torres Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.225.400-Juan Anacleto Torres Araneta- -(Celedonia Diaz/Cristita Sarmiento/Natalia Bovida Salsalida/Juanita Camillarosa)
1.225.500-Cesareo Torres Araneta- -
1.225.600-Luisa Torres Araneta- -
1.225.700-Jose Pedro Torres Araneta- -
1.225.800-Maria Rosario Torres Araneta- -(Remegio Salas)
1.225.900-Maria Consolacion Torres Araneta- -(Federico Matti)

1.230.000 - JOSE ARANETA- -(Catalina Pelayo)
Jose Araneta, the third and youngest son of Vicente Sta. Ana Araneta of the Negros Branch married Catalina Pelayo by whom he had two (2) sons, namely:

1.231.000- GUILLERMO PELAYO ARANETA- -(Maria Andrea)
Guillermo Pelayo Araneta married Maria Andrea by whom he had a son, named Vicente Araneta who served as Gobernadorcillo of Molo in the year 1856.

1.231.100-Vicente Araneta- -(Josefa Brigida Sonora y de los Reyes)

1.232.000-AMBROSIO PELAYO ARANETA- -(FelipaRamona Sta.Ana Locsin)Ambrosio Pelayo Araneta (Gobernadorcillo of Molo in 1862) married Felipa Ramona Locsin y Sta. Ana, daughter of Capitan Ramon Melliza Locsin and Agapita Dingcong de Santa Ana, and by whom he had six (6) children,namely:

1.232.100-Urbana Locsin Araneta- -
1.232.200-Cresenciano Locsin Araneta- -
1.232.300-Ramon Locsin Araneta- -(Dolores Araneta)
1.232.400-Ramona Locsin Araneta- -
1.232.500-Felisa Locsin Araneta- -(Simon Suansing Araneta)
1.232.600-Anatolia Locsin Araneta- -(Died single on June 30, 1858)

The Araneta's of "ZAMBOANGA"

1.300.000-JOSE (John Doe) SANTA ANA ARANETA (Zamboanga Branch)
Jose (John Doe) Santa Ana Araneta, the third son of Don Jose de Araneta y Guyol stayed in Zamboanga and became the patriach of the Araneta's in that southern part of the Philippine Archeapilago.
Part-III "The Philippine Revolution"

When the Philippine Revolution against Spain broke out in 1896 - and continued during the American regime, the Araneta's of Molo in Iloilo (based in the Philippine Insurgents Record sub-titled"Las Familias Insurrectos del Pueblo de Molo"of the National Library) actively participated in the revolutionary movement.

The family of Don Felix Militante Araneta and Paz Soriano-Araneta; their children; his sister Ceferina Araneta-Esteban's sons Emilio and Eduardo; and brother Agaton Militante Araneta with his wife Josefa Locsin-Araneta were all listed in the "Insurrectos de Molo" records.

While some of Don Felix Araneta's children were involved in the covert operations of the revolutionary movement, others distinguished themselves in the fields of battle.

Gen. Pablo Soriano Araneta, a doctor of medicine by profession, as Commanding General of the Panay Revolutionary Forces under Gen. Martin Delgado (Gral. en Gefe) of the Federal Republic of the Visayas, encountered several fierced battles in Pavia, San Miguel and in the outskirts of Jaro. More notably, the battle of Oton to Arevalo together with Gen. Angel Corteza and Gen. Leandro Locsin Fullon of Antique who fired the first shot. (National Historical Institute marker in honor of Pablo Soriano Araneta - was installed at the facade of Molo Convent facing Molo Plaza in Iloilo City).

Gen. Marciano Soriano Araneta, administrator of the family's Hacienda Paz (named after their mother "Paz") in La Carlota, Negros Occidental, led the filipino revolutionary forces who valiantly fought and captured the General Headquarters of the Spanish Forces in "Mangkas", now La Carlota City and became one of the founders of the cantonal government of Negros in 1899. (National Historical Institute marker in honor of Marciano Soriano Araneta - was installed by the entrance of the Municipal Building facing La Carlota City Plaza).

Anastacio Soriano Araneta, who served under his elder brother Marciano was killed by remnants of the "guardia civil" who became roving bandits in the hinterlands of Negros.

Jose Soriano Araneta, was appointed "Capitan" assigned at the office of the Panay Revolutionary Forces "Cuartel General" in Pavia, Iloilo together with Capitan Ramon Lopez. He fought in the battle of Tacas, Catmon and Balantang in Jaro in 1899. (National Historical marker in honor of Jose Soriano Araneta - was installed by the entrance of the Municipal Building facing the Pavia Plaza in Iloilo).

Gregorio Soriano Araneta, a lawyer by profession, advocated reforms for the welfare of the Filipino people and served as Secretary General of the Malolos Republic under the revolutionary government of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. (National Historical Institute marker in honor of Gregorio Soriano Araneta - was installed at the facade of No. 1030 R. Hidalgo Street, Quiapo, Manila --- their ancestral home donated as Museum to the government)

Other members of the clan in Iloilo; especially the Araneta's in Anilao; Eusebio Torres Araneta (brother of "Tan Juan") who settled in Anilao; the group of Casimiro, Emilio, Mariano and Faustino Araneta; likewise, Miguel Piccio Araneta of Pototan, Iloilo were all officers of the Panay revolutionary forces actively involved in the fight for freedom and independence against the foreign invaders.
The Negros Island Revolutionary Forces were led by Gen. Juan "Tan Juan" Torres Araneta of the Southern Sector based in Bago, together with his son Col. Jaime Sarmiento Araneta. (National Historical Institute marker in honor of Gen. Juan "Tan Juan" Araneta- was installed by the entrance of their ancestral home in Bago City and his lifesize statue mounted on his horse, a revered historical landmark at Bago Plaza).

The Northern Sector was led by Gen. Aniceto L. Lacson married to Rosario Emilia Araneta. (National Historical Institute marker and monument in honor of Gen. Aniceto L. Lacson - was installed in his hometown of Talisay, Negros Occidental).

These two Negros revolutionary leaders, outsmarted and defeated the Spaniards and together with their families and other prominent "hacenderos" declared the Independent Republic of Negros on November 5, 1898.

It is worthy to note, that in the annals of history, the duly constituted head of the Spanish Empire who colonized the whole archipelago for over 330 years, were defeated and formally surrendered to only two cantonal governments: the Independent Negros Republic on November 6, 1898 in Bacolod and to the Federal Republic of the Visayas on December 25, 1898 at Plaza Libertad in Iloilo City. Both comprised the " Ilonggo Nation".
Likewise, it was perhaps, due to the intercession of Don Gregorio Soriano Araneta ---Secretary General to President Emilio Aguinaldo of the Philippine Revolutionary Government; that the well established Federal Republic of the Visayas and the Independent Negros Republic which were greatly influenced by the Araneta Family, fizzled-out and ultimately decided to unite for a common cause that eventually paved the way for the birth of the First Philippine Republic...The first in Asia...The rest history. . .

Nota Bene: Thanks! to Tonypet Araneta for additional info on the "Early History" and to Eva Araneta-Serra on the "Early Genealogy".


The "Familia Araneta"

(By: dinggol araneta divinagracia-Sn#-1.111.5A23.000)

Brief Backgrounder:

During the galleon trade of 1723, DON JOSE de ARANETA y GUYOL - - - a member of nobility from a Guipozcoan family of the Vascongadas or the Basque Country in Northern Spain arrived in Manila from Acapulco, Mexico on board the "Nuestra Senora de Guia" together with his brother BALTAZAR, a naval officer of the Spanish Fleet.

Two years later, in 1725 Don Jose de Araneta joined the first expeditionary forces for Mindanao together with Don Placido Alberto de Saavedra to serve the Spanish Politico-Military Government based at Zamboanga City as the interpreter of government and the reigning Sultan of Maguindanao, Sultan Amiril Mamini Camsa.

Don Jose de Araneta died in line of duty as Royal Interpreter in 1746 at Silangan (Sulugan) the present Anuling in Cotabato, Mindanao. He was married to (Maria Juana "Jane Doe") SANTA ANA by whom he had three sons: BUENAVENTURA and VICENTE who later left Zamboanga for Iloilo while JOSE "John Doe" stayed behind.

Buenaventura Sta. Ana Araneta who permanently settled in Parian now Molo in Iloilo City, became its Gobernadorcillo (Alcalde Naturales) in 1823. He married Isabel Theresa Estrella by whom he had four (4) children, namely:

Hermenegildo Estrella Araneta who later on also became the Gobernadorcillo of Molo in 1853; Antonio, Pantaleon and Aniceta who died single.

Hermenegildo Estrella Araneta married Petrona Locsin Militante, daughter of Estanislao Militante of Mandurriao,-Iloilo and Maxima Melliza Locsin of Molo- Iloilo by whom he had eight (8) children, namely: Felix, Gabriel, Leocadia, Epifania, Ceferina, Maria, Agaton and Pedro.

Felix Militante Araneta married Paz Soriano y Ditching, daughter of Don Anselmo Flores Soriano (Gobernadorcillo of Molo in 1860) and Maria Ditching of Binondo, Manila by whom he had seventeen (17) children, namely:

-The Children: - - - - - - (Spouse/s):
1- Leopoldo Soriano Araneta- -(Died a Minor)
2- Angel Soriano Araneta- - (Juanita Tejico)
3- Isabel Soriano Araneta- -(Roque Locsin Sanson)
4- Pablo Soriano Araneta- -(Emiliana Montez/Natividad Buenaflor de Gayoso/Josefina Cartagena/Candelaria Robles)
5- Marciano Soriano Araneta- -(Rosario Masa/Felipa Locsin y Flores-Paguntalan)
6- Gregorio Soriano Araneta- -(Carmen Zaragoza y Roxas)
7- Anastacio Soriano Araneta- -(Spouse unknown)
8- Maria Soriano Araneta- -(Luis Segovia)
9- Felomina Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)
10- Rosario Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)
11- Lina Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)
12- Jose Soriano Araneta- -(Rosario Perez y Frias)
13- Concepcion Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)
14- Candelaria Soriano Araneta- -(Died a Minor)
15- Encarnacion Soriano Araneta- -(Died a Minor)
16- Felicito Soriano Araneta- -(Clotilde Montinola y Araneta)
17- Remedios Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)

Gabriel Militante Araneta married Antonina Gonzales by whom he had two (2) daughters, namely:

1- Cornelia Gonzales Araneta- -(Simplicio Montinola)
2- Natividad Gonzales Araneta- -(Raymundo Escarilla)


Ceferina Militante Araneta married Placido Esteban by whom she had four (4) children, namely:

1- Emilio Araneta Esteban- -(Pilar Araneta y Locsin)
2- Eduardo Araneta Esteban- -(Anatolia Montilla y Zaldivar)
3- Soledad Araneta Esteban- -(Juan Abraham)
4- Francisco Araneta Esteban- -

Maria Militante Araneta married Vito Tionko y Locsin by whom she had three (3) sons, namely:

1- Mariano AranetaTionko- -(Soledad Galan y Marin)
2- Jose Araneta Tionko- -(Rufina Denuevo)
3- Vicente Araneta Tionko- -(Vicenta Demonteverde y Suazo)

Agaton Militante Araneta married Josefa Locsin by whom he had three (3) daughters, namely:

1- Josefa -Locsin Araneta- (Died Single)
2- Consuelo Locsin Araneta- -(Died Single)
3- Pilar Locsin Araneta- -(Emilio Esteban y Araneta)

Pedro Militante Araneta married Silvestra Magno by whom he had a son named:

1- Quintin Magno Araneta- -

Antonio Estrella Araneta married Silvestra Sayson Locsin, daughter of Augustine Locsin and Celia Sayson of Parian (Molo) in Iloilo.

Pantaleon Estrella Araneta , youngest son of Buenaventura left Parian (Molo) to settle in Sto. Rosario, Anilao, Iloilo where he got married and had (4) sons, namely:

1. Luis Araneta
2. Agustin Araneta
3. Pedro Araneta -(Ildefonsa Aragon)
4. Hermenegildo Araneta



Vicente Sta. Ana Araneta who migrated to the new frontier of Negros Island is married to Manuela Vicenta de Araneta by whom he had three (3) sons, namely: Luis, Jacinto and Jose.

Luis Araneta, who in 1798 became the Vicar Forane of the Vicariate of Bacolod to Hinigaran based in Bago, begot five (5) children with Celedonia de los Dolores, namely: Pedro, Vicente Atanacio, Manuela, Teresa and Josefa.

Pedro de los Dolores Araneta married Dionisia Limsiaco by whom he had four (4) children, namely:

1- Tomas Limsiaco Araneta- -(Maria Benitez)
2- Irene Limsiaco Araneta- -(Francisco Transmonte Torres)
3- Lina Limsiaco Araneta- -(Juan Yulo)
4- Simeon Limsiaco Araneta- -(Esperanza Villanueva)

Vicente Atanacio de los Dolores Araneta married Inez Suansing by whom he had six (6) children, namely:

1- Vicente"Botoy"Suansing Araneta- -(Laurencia Araneta Palacios/Cleofe Militante Yulo/Gregoria Montoya/Teodora Dionson)
2- Vicenta Suansing Araneta- -(Fausto Escobar)
3- Juan Suansing Araneta- -
4- Maria Suansing Araneta- -(Died Single)
5- Ignacia Suansing Araneta- -(Died Single)
6- Simon Suansing Araneta- -(Felisa Locsin Araneta)

Manuela de los Dolores Araneta married Jose"Cachila"Cabunsol Araneta
by whom she had a daughter, named:

1- Maria Cleofe Araneta Araneta- -(Vicente Trinidad)

Teresa de los Dolores Araneta married Inocencio "Imo" Quizon

Josefa de los Dolores Araneta married Gregorio Evangelista Varela by whom she had four (4) children, namely:

1- Antonio Araneta Varela- -(Micaela Araneta Medel)
2- Eusebio Araneta Varela- -(Vicenta Araneta Medel)
3- Francisco Araneta Varela- -
4- Dolores Araneta Varela- -(Agaton Ramos)

Jacinto Araneta, second son of the Araneta Patriach of Negros, married Josefa Cecilia Cabunsol of the "Kabungsuan" royal family of Mindanao by whom he had five (5) children, namely: Juan, Jose, Patricio, Ma.Dominga & Romualdo


Jose "Cachila" Cabunsol Araneta married Manuela de los Dolores Araneta by whom he had a daughter, named:

1-Maria Cleofe Araneta Araneta- -(Vicente Trinidad)

Patricio Cabunsol Araneta married Leoncia Emilia by whom he had six (6) children, namely: Elena, Pascuala, Inocencio, Rosario, Gerardo & Cornelia

1- Elena Emilia Araneta- -(Died Single)
2- Pascuala Emilia Araneta- -(Mariano del Castillo)
3- Inocencio Emilia Araneta- -(Fructousa Octavio)
4- Rosario Emilia Araneta- -(Aniceto L. Lacson)
5- Gerardo Emilia Araneta- -(Melitona Vinzon)
6- Cornelia Emilia Araneta- -

Ma.Dominga Cabunsol Araneta married Jose Palacios by whom she had six (6) children, namely: Bernardina,Andrea,Laurencia,Anacleto,Geronimo & Lutgarda

1- Bernardina Araneta Palacios- -(Faustino Villanueva)
2- Andrea Araneta Palacios- -(Died Single)
3- Laurencia Araneta Palacios- -(Vicente Suansing Araneta)
4- Anacleto Araneta Palacios- -
5- Geronimo Araneta Palacios- -(Gervasia Espenda)
6- Lutgarda Araneta Palacios- -Pablo Sitchon

Romualdo Cabunsol Araneta married Agueda Torres y Villanueva by whom he had nine (9) children, namely:

1- Magdalena Torres Araneta- -(Pedro Sarmiento)
2- Eusebio Torres Araneta- -(Catalina Antinero)
3- Angela Torres Araneta- -(Died Single)
4- Juan Anacleto Torres Araneta- -(Celedonia Diaz/Cristita Sarmiento/Natalia Bovida Salsalida/Juanita Camillarosa
5- Cesareo Torres Araneta- -
6- Luisa Torres Araneta- -
7- Jose Pedro Torres Araneta- -
8- Maria Rosario Torres Araneta- -(Remegio Salas)
9- Maria Consolacion Torres Araneta- -(Federico Matti)

Jose Araneta, the third and youngest son of Vicente Sta. Ana Araneta of the Negros Branch married Catalina Pelayo by whom he had two (2) sons, namely:
Guillermo and Ambrosio.

Guillermo Pelayo Araneta married Maria Andrea by whom he had a son,named Vicente Araneta who served as Gobernadorcillo of Molo in 1856.

1- Vicente Araneta- -(Josefa Brigida Sonora y de los Reyes)

Ambrosio Pelayo Araneta (Gobernadorcillo of Molo in 1862) married Felipa Ramona Locsin y Sta. Ana, daughter of Capitan Ramon Melliza Locsin and Agapita Dingcong Santa Ana, and by whom he had six (6) children,namely:

1- Urbana Locsin Araneta- -
2- Cresenciano Locsin Araneta- -
3- Ramon Locsin Araneta- -(Dolores Araneta)
4- Ramona Locsin Araneta- -
5- Felisa Locsin Araneta- -(Simon Suansing Araneta)
6- Anatolia Locsin Araneta- -(Died single on June 30, 1858)


The third son of Don Jose Araneta y Guyol and Maria Juana (JANE DOE) Santa Ana who stayed in Zamboanga, became the patriarch of the Araneta's of Zamboanga in Mindanao.
---------------------------- o --------------------------

Wednesday, June 21, 2006



(By: dinggol araneta divinagracia- Feb. 2, 2006)

Exactly fourteen (14) years ago today, on February 2, 1992 during the annual celebration of the Jaro District Fiesta in honor of "Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria" or Our Lady of Candles, several Araneta --"parientes" met at the Iloilo historical landmark..."The Antillan House"...owned by the family of the generous GREGORIO SANSON Y MONTINOLA and his wife the former MARILOU LORCA TIROL. "Greg" is the eldest son of the late Don ALFREDO ARANETA SANSON and MATILDE JALANDONI MONTINOLA and grandson of ROQUE LOCSIN SANSON and ISABEL SORIANO ARANETA.

During the casual conversations, the idea and plan for the creation of a Family Association in preparation for the First Araneta Family Grand Reunion was conceived.

Thereafter, several meetings were held under the able leadership of Dna. Eva Araneta-Serra, daughter of Don Marciano Yulo Araneta erstwhile "Presidente Municipal" of Bago in Negros Occidental. And with the untiring guidance of Antonio "TonyPet" Araneta, grandson of the illustrious son of Molo, Iloilo City, Don Gregorio Soriano Araneta, Secretary General of the Malolos Republic of the Revolutionary Government and the first Filipino Solicitor General; Secretary of Justice and Finance.

The author, personally traveled nationwide to make representations and proper coordination with the different Araneta Family Groups:

* In Anilao, Iloilo -made contact with Sangguniang Bayan Member Paterno Aponte Araneta, head of Pantaleon Araneta Clan. Together with Jose Alfonso "Jojo" Hallares, we were able to trace their Araneta lineage. Also visited the "Parientes" in Barotac Nuevo and in other Towns of Iloilo Province .

* Together with the Montinola-Sanson brothers, Federico and George with wife Beth, attended the "Cinco de Noviembre" Reunion of the General Juan "Tan Juan" Araneta descendants in Bago City, Negros Occidental.

*Also visited the homes of Angela Araneta Marino, only daughter of Angel Soriano Araneta in La Carlota City; Antonio Montilla Esteban and his wife Gloria Araneta Esteban - former Vice Governor of Negros Occidental; Angel"AA"Aldeguer Araneta in Bacolod City and the other Aranetas' of Negros Island.

* Likewise; attended at the home of Antonio and Teresa Araneta -Albert in QuezonCity, the Family Reunion of the Gregorio Soriano Araneta and Carmen Roxas Zaragoza descendants.

*Shared the generous hospitality of Margarita"Nena" Rebullida-Araneta with her family at her Forbes Park home during their weekend get-together. I refer to the family of the late legal luminary J. Antonio Zaragoza Araneta.

*Met my mothers first cousin, retired Lawyer Oscar Tejico Araneta for the first time in his Green Hills - Mandaluyong home with his daughter Josefita Yulo Araneta-Pascual and family.

*Stayed for a few of days with the family in Pasay City of Nieves Claudio de Araneta, wife of the late Leopoldo Masa Araneta.

*Likewise, stayed with Marcia Araneta-Regala in her Condominium along Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City while contacting other "Parientes" in the Metro Manila area.

The news of an impending celebration of the First Araneta Family Grand Reunion caught like wild fire that spread by words of mouth, thru local and long distance telephone brigade, cablegrams and via internet communications.

On April 16, 1993 at The Residence Hotel along Gen. Luna Street in Iloilo City the following were elected as the Interim Set of Officers and the creation of the different Committees, Schedule of Activities and PROGRAMME for the "First Reunion" were finalized.
P r e s i d e n t : Rodolfo "Dinggol" Araneta Divinagracia
Executive Vice President : Jose "Pepe" Gustilo Sanson
Vice Pres. External Affairs: Pablito "Pabs" Valera Araneta
Vice Pres. Internal Affairs: Rebecca "Becay" Araneta-de Leon
S e c r e t a r y : Consuelo "Day Ling" Araneta-Corteza
T r e a s u r e r : Trinidad "Booday" Tirador Tionko
A u d i t o r : Concepcion "Pinky" Layson-Rojo
Business Manager : Pilar "Peachy" Yulo-Deles
Public Relations Officer : Jose Alfonso "Jojo" Hallares
Peace Courtesy Officer : Raymund Macalalag Montelibano
For Iloilo City & Panay:
*Jose Alfonso "Jojo" D. Hallares
*Cecile Campos-Jarantilla
*Dr. Joebert Ganzon Sanson
For Bacolod/Bago Cities & Negros:
*Gloria Araneta-Esteban
*Dr. Samson Araneta Gonzaga
*Angel "AA" Aldeguer Araneta
For Metro Manila & Luzon:
*Marcia Araneta-Regala
*Suzanne Araneta-Ledesma
*Cecile Araneta-Cacho
A D V I S E R S:
Iloilo City and Panay: Eva Araneta-Serra
Bacolod/Bago Cities and Negros: Sylvia Araneta-Torres
Metro Manila and Luzon: Antonio "ToneyPet" Araneta
(November 19-20,1993, Iloilo City)
Overall Chairman: Jose "Pepe" Gustilo Sanson
Vice Chairperson: Rebecca "Becay" Araneta-de Leon
SECRETARIAT:*Consuelo Araneta-Corteza
*Ofelia Montinola-de Leon
*Trinidad Tirador Tionko
*Lydia Escarilla-Jamora
*Victoria Salvador-Sanson
*Stella Montinola-Jaen
*Ann Macasa-Sanson
*Ma. Grace Espinosa-Obligacion
*Cecile Campos-Jarantilla
*Nena Torres-Javellana
*Ma. Rita Tirol Sanson
*Elizabeth Vinzon-Sanson
*Ma. Carla T. Divinagracia
*Jane Campos-Jarantilla
*Christine Layson Rojo
*Karen Orozco-Campos
*Marilou Tirol-Sanson
*Nilda Oquendo-Sanson
*Teresita Ganzon-Sanson
*Milagros Yulo-Layson
*Pablito Valera Araneta
*Marilyn Vasquez-Salazar
*Emma Montinola-Ledesma
*Violeta Montinola-Ng
*Celerino dela Torre Grecia III
*Joe Marie Araneta Imutan
*Gregorio Montinola Sanson
*Antonio Esteban Campos
*Felicito Gustilo Sanson
*Federico Montinola Sanson
*Peachy Yulo-Deles
*Carmen Divinagracia-Hallares
*Binky Montinola-Araneta
*Celine Ganzon Sanson
*Jinky Tenebro Divinagracia
*Lalaine Juanitas Hallares
*Alfonso "Jojo" D. Hallares
*Francisco Montinola Sanson
Albert Tirol Sanson
*Rudyard Tenebro Divinagracia
*Raymund Macalalag Montelibano
*Enriquito Araneta Serra
*Jovito Sanson Yusay
*George Montinola Sanson

November 19, 1993 (Friday)
9:00AM-5:00PM *Registration:
a)The Residence Hotel-Iloilo City
b)The Antillan House-Jaro,Iloilo City

2:00PM-6:00PM *Mini-Tour of Iloilo City:
Assembly-Residence Hotel
Assembly Time- 1:00 PM

November 20, 1993 (Saturday)
8:00AM-9:00AM *Registration:
a) Sta. Ana Church - Molo, Iloilo City
b) The Antillan House- Jaro,Iloilo City

9:30AM-10:30AM *Concelebrated Mass:
Sta. Ana Church-Molo,Iloilo City

10:30AM-11:00AM *Motorcade*

Venue- The Antillan House at Jaro, Iloilo City
(Courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Gregorio Montinola Sanson)

Pambansang Awit - Mrs. Binky Montinola-Araneta
Opening Prayers - Rev. Francisco Z. Araneta, S.J.
Welcome Address - Gregorio Montinola Sanson
Surprise Number - ? ? ?
Lunch ...Lunch ... Lunch...hmmmmmm ....Lunch...
Introduction of Family Members and Delegates:
(dinggol araneta divinagracia(Interim President-"AFMA")
Short Talk . . . . By: Margarita "Tina" Araneta-Singh
Awards Presentation:
(Rebecca Araneta-de Leon & Marilyn Vasquez-Salazar)
Closing Prayer - Jose "Pepe" Gustilo Sanson
EMCEE: Pablito "Pabs" Valera Araneta

(After the Program):
a) AFMA Business Meeting:
(With Representative from each Family Group)
b) Parlor Games
7:00PM-11:00PM *Fellowship and Dinner Buffet:
(The Residence Hotel-Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City)
11:PM ..*Disco-The Base Discotique, Sarabia Manor Hotel
(General Luna Street, Iloilo City
WHAT : Fellowship and Dinner Buffet
WHY : "May the brotherhood of our ancestors continue to future generation"
WHEN : November 20, 1993-Saturday-7:00 PM
WHERE: The Residence Hotel-Traditions Ballroom
I - Opening Prayer : Rebeca Araneta-de Leon
II - Welcome Address : Jose Gustilo Sanson
III- Messages:
*Pablito Valera Araneta-Prov'l Board Member:4th District,Iloilo
*Edward Miller Matti-Congressman: 4th District, Negros Occidental
*Paterno Aponte Araneta-Municipal Councilor: Anilao, Iloilo
IV - D I N N E R B U F F E T
V - Short Talk . . . . : By a Family Member
VI - Slide Presentation : Antonio "TonyPet" Araneta
VII- Messages:
*Manuel"Mar"Araneta Roxas-Congressman: 1st District, Capiz
*Samson Obsequio Gonzaga,Jr.-City Councilor: Bago City, Negros Occidental
*Manuel"Tutay"Yulo Torres-Mayor: Bago City, Negros Occidental
VIII-Memoirs : "Life with Mother or Father"
IX -Surprise Number: By a Family Member
X -Special Announcement:
(by: Trinidad Tirador Tionko- AFMA Treasurer)
XI-Closing Remarks:
(Dinggol Araneta Divinagracia-AFMA Interim President)
EMCEES: Jose Alfonso "Jojo" Hallares and Marie Jo Fuentes Gallardo
With the ARANETA FAMILY MEMBERS ASSOCIATION well established; the preparation and finishing touches for the "Big Event" completed, everyone is looking forward for a very successful "First Grand Reunion" of the Araneta Clan.
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