Thursday, June 29, 2006


Fundacion Familia Araneta Foundation

Dear AFMA-Members:

It's indeed great, that with the marvels of technology we are able to make contact worldwide and communicate thru cyberspace.

All the best...dinggol..
Primo Dinggol wherever are you?

We have just formed the Fundacion Familia Araneta Foundation, registered with SEC and with the folllowing as members. Eva Araneta Serra (chairperson emeritus), and five board members, viz

Antonette Tionko Treasurer
Gina Barte Secretary
Baba A Escudero Board Member
Rita. Tirol Sanson Board Member
Clem Dreyfus Del Castillo (of Juan Araneta Museum in Bago and Tourism Officer of Bago) as President.

This Foundation is entrusted with coordinating all the family groups, including that of Zamboanga which attended our reunion in Boracay in 1999, the Iloilo and Negros groups plus that of Metro Manila. I have even touched base with the Bicolano group but they are still supposed to submit their genealogical chart

Send me your address, cell phone so we can touch base. I have a son in California studying at UC Riverside, whose mother is a Corteza and a daughter living in Mexico City. I have another son now ten years old living with me in Alabang Ayala, mother is Gina Barte of Antique. Take care and regards to your sister.


Hi! Prims:

WOW! i'm very happy at long last our plan of a Foundation for Philippine Araneta's did materialized, with Manang Eva at the helm. Congratulations! to the "Parientes" who composed the Board. With you around no question, they're all OK!

Actually, I have been worried since that's in my article"The First Araneta Family Grand Reunion" a long time ago, That's providential, it's now a reality!

I must admit, you are my mentor who motivated my familial fervor to get involved in this kind of family matters.

As stated in my transmittal, I just relocated to Michigan two weeks ago. Although, shall still commute every now and then to Metro DC area.

Last week, I created an eNews Bulletin for Araneta Family Members Association to communicate via cyberspace and result is very encouraging.

That's how we got connected thru Katrina Araneta Holigores.

Presently, i'm the duly elected Executive Vice-President of the ASSOCIATION OF ILONGGOS OF METROPOLITAN WASHINGTON D.C.(AIM) INC. and Editor of the AIM-Budyong Newsletter (notwithstanding the fact sometimes i'm poor in grammar). We have over a thousand members within the Metro DC area (Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC).

Just now i'm starting to discover that several AIM-members have Araneta bloodlines.

Kind regards...dinggol..

p.s. We'll keep in touch.

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