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The Araneta Family and the Philippine Revolution


(Nota Bene: The original Copy of these Articles and Photos were published during the "First Araneta Family Grand Reunion" held in Iloilo City, Philippines on November 19-20, 1993.

Likewise, during the "Second Araneta Family Grand Reunion in the Cities of Bacolod and Bago-Negros Occidental on April 26-28, 1996.

The Author has never authorized reproduction of the same in whole or in part since then. Any reproduction; therefore, is unauthorized!!

The Araneta Family members played crucial roles in one of the most important chapters of our nation's history before the turn of the century. . ."The Philippine Revolution". .

Thus, in observance of the decade of Filipino Nationalism; the 95th Anniversary of the Declaration of the Independent Republic of Negros on November 5, 1993; the 95th Anniversary of the Inauguration of the Revolutionary Government of the Visayas on November 17, 1993 at Santa Barbara, Iloilo, and the Celebration of the "First Araneta Family Grand Reunion in Iloilo City on November 19-20, 1993, this article is written as a tribute to the Araneta Family, a family of strenght and nobility.

(By: dinggol araneta divinagracia - S# -1.111.523.000)

Part-I "Early History"

The Philippine Aranetas' are descended from two brothers who came from the Guipuzcoa Province of the historical region of Vascongadas or Basque Country in Northern Spain. Evidently hidalgos or members of nobility since they possessed a Coat-of-Arms.

During the Galleon Trade in 1723, Admiral Baltazar de Araneta and his brother Don Jose de Araneta arrived in Manila from Acapulco, Mexico on board the "Nuestra Senora de Guia". Baltazar de Araneta married to Manuela de Aguirre served as a Regidor of the Cabildo in Manila and later became the Secretary of the charitable Fraternity of the Misericordia. He died in Manila in 1750.

His son Juan Francisco de Araneta, a Maestre on the Galleon "Santisima Trinidad" fought the British forces when they attacked Manila in 1762. He proved his nobility before the justices of Gaiza in the year 1773.

While in 1725, Don Jose de Araneta joined the first expeditionary forces for Mindanao together with Don Placido Alberto de Saavedra, to serve the Spanish Politico-Military Government based at Zamboanga City as interpreter of the government and the reigning Sultan of Maguindanao --
Sultan Amiril Mamini Camsa.

Don Jose de Araneta died in line of duty as Royal Interpreter in 1746 at Silangan (Sulugan) the present Anuling in Cotabato, Mindanao. Don Jose de Araneta's two sons, Buenaventura and Vicente, both surnamed Araneta y Santa Ana left Zamboanga for Iloilo while another son Jose (John Doe) stayed behind.

Years later, Vicente Araneta y Santa Ana together with his family joined the exodus of the more adventurous prominent ilonggos such as the Yulo's and the Yusay's, the Locsin's and the Lacson's, the Lopezes' and the Ledesma's, the Jalandoni's and Javellana's, the Salases' and de la Rama's and others who migrated to the "New Frontier", the fertile Island of Negros.
Part-II "Genealogy"
*1.000.000-Don Jose de Araneta y Guyol- (The Ancestor)*

"The Aranetas of ILOILO"


Buenaventura Santa Ana Araneta who permanently settled at Parian, now Molo in Iloilo City. . . became its Gobernadorcillo (Alcalde Naturales) in 1823. He married Isabel Theresa Estrella by whom he had four (4) children, namely: Hermenegildo, who later on also became the Gobernadorcillo of Molo in 1853, Antonio, Pantaleon and Aniceta who died single.

1.110.000-HERMENEGILDO ESTRELLA ARANETA- -(Petrona Locsin Militante)
Hermenegildo Estrella Araneta married Petrona Locsin Militante, daughter of Estanislao Militante of Mandurriao, Iloilo and Maxima Melliza Locsin of Parian (Molo) by whom he had eight (8) children, namely: Felix, Gabriel, Leocadia, Epifania, Ceferina, Maria, Agaton and Pedro.

1.111.000-FELIX MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Paz Ditching Soriano)
Felix Militante Araneta married Paz Soriano y Ditching, daughter of Don Anselmo Soriano y Flores (Gobernadorcillo of Molo in 1860) and Maria Ditching of Binondo, Manila by whom he had seventeen (17) children, namely:

T h e C h i l d r e n: - - - - - - (Spouse/s):

1.111.100-Leopoldo Soriano Araneta- -(Died a Minor)
1.111.200-Angel Soriano Araneta- -(Juanita Tejico)
1.111.300-Isabel Soriano Araneta- -(Roque Locsin Sanson)
1.111.400-Pablo Soriano Araneta- -(Emiliana Montez/Natividad Buenaflor de Gayoso/Josefina Cartagena/Candelaria Robles)
1.111.500-Marciano Soriano Araneta- -(Rosario Masa/Felipa Locsin y Flores-Paguntalan)
1.111.600-Gregorio Soriano Araneta- -(Carmen Zaragoza y Roxas)
1.111.700-Anastacio Soriano Araneta- -(Spouse unknown)
1.111.800-Maria Soriano Araneta- -(Luis Segovia)
1.111.900-Felomina Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.111.1000-Rosario Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.111.1100-Lina Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.111.1200-Jose Soriano Araneta- -(Rosario Perez y Frias)
1.111.1300-Concepcion Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.111.1400-Candelaria Soriano Araneta- -(Died a Minor)
1.111.1500-Encarnacion Soriano Araneta- -(Died a Minor)
1.111.1600-Felicito Soriano Araneta- -(Clotilde Montinola y Araneta)
1.111.1700-Remedios Soriano Araneta- -(Died Single)

1.112.000-GABRIEL MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Antonina Gonzales)
Gabriel Militante Araneta married Antonina Gonzales by whom he had two (2) daughters, namely:

1.112.100-Cornelia Gonzales Araneta- -(Simplicio Montinola)
1.112.200-Natividad Gonzales Araneta- -(Raymundo Escarilla)

1.113.000-LEOCADIA MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Died Single)

1.115.000-CEFERINA MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Placido Esteban)
Ceferina Militante Araneta married Placido Esteban by whom she had four (4) children, namely:

1.115.100-Emilio Araneta Esteban- -(Pilar Araneta y Locsin)
1.115.200-Eduardo Araneta Esteban- -(Anatolia Montilla y Zaldivar)
1.115.300-Soledad Araneta Eeteban- -(Juan Abraham)
1.115.400-Francisco Araneta Esteban- -

1.116.000-MARIA MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Vito Locsin Tionko)
Maria Militante Araneta married Vito Tionko y Locsin by whom she had three (3) sons, namely:

1.116.100-Mariano Araneta Tionko- -(Soledad Galan y Marin)
1.116.200-Jose Araneta Tionko- -(Rufina Denuevo)
1.116.300-Vicente Araneta Tionko- -(Vicenta Demonteverde y Suazo)

1.117.000-AGATON MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Josefa Locsin)
Agaton Militante Araneta married Josefa Locsin by whom he had three (3) daughters, namely:

1.117.100-Josefa Locsin Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.117.200-Pilar Locsin Araneta- -(Emilio Esteban y Araneta)
1.117.300-Consuelo Locsin Araneta- -(Died Single)

1.118.000-PEDRO MILITANTE ARANETA- -(Silvestra Magno)
Pedro Militante Araneta married Silvestra Magno by whom he had a son named:

1.118.100-Quintin Magno Araneta- -

1.120.000-ANTONIO ESTRELLA ARANETA- -(Silvestra Sayson Locsin)
Antonio Estrella Araneta married Silvestra Sayson Locsin, daughter of Augustine Locsin and Celia Sayson of Parian (Molo) in Iloilo City.

Pantaleon Estrella Araneta, youngest son of Buenaventura left Parian (Molo) to settle in Sto. Rosario, Anilao, Iloilo where he got married and had (4)children, namely:

1.131.000-Luis Araneta- -
1.132.000-Agustin Araneta- -
1.133.000-Pedro Araneta- -(Ildefonsa Aragon)
1.134.000-Hermenegildo Araneta- -

1.140.000-ANECITA ESTRELLA ARANETA- -(Died Single)

"The Araneta's of NEGROS"

Vicente Sta. Ana Araneta who migrated to the new frontier of Negros Island is married to Manuela Vicenta de Araneta by whom he had three (3) sons, namely: Luis, Jacinto and Jose

1.210.000-LUIS ARANETA- -(Celedonia de los Dolores)
Luis Araneta, who in 1798 became the Vicar Forane of the Vicariate of Bacolod to Hinigaran based in Bago, begot five (5) children with Celedonia de los Dolores, namely: Pedro, Vicente Atanacio, Manuela, Teresa and Josefa.

1.211.000-PEDRO DE LOS DOLORES ARANETA- -(Dionisia Limsiaco)
Pedro de los Dolores Araneta married Dionisia Limsiaco by whom he had four (4) children, namely:

1.211.100-Tomas Limsiaco Araneta- -(Maria Benitez)
1.211.200-Irene Limsiaco Araneta- -(Francisco Transmonte Torres)
1.211.300-Lina Limsiaco Araneta- -(Juan Yulo)
1.211.400-Simeon Limsiaco Araneta- -(Esperanza Villanueva)

Vicente Atanacio de los Dolores Araneta married Inez Suansing by whom he had six (6) children, namely:

1.212.100-Vicente"Botoy" Suansing Araneta- -(Laurencia Araneta Palacios/ Cleofe Militante Yulo/ Gregoria Montoya/ Teodora Dionson)
1.212.200-Vicenta Suansing Araneta- -(Fausto Escobar)
1.212.300-Juan Suansing Araneta- -
1.212.400-Maria Suansing Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.212.500-Ignacia Suansing Araneta- - (Died Single)
1.212.600-Simon Suansing Araneta- -(Felisa Locsin Araneta)

1.213.000-MANUELA DE LOS DOLORES ARANETA- -(Jose C. Araneta)
Manuela de los Dolores Araneta married Jose "Cachila" Cabunsol Araneta by whom she had a daughter, named:

1.213.100-Maria Cleofe Araneta Araneta- -(Vicente Trinidad)

1.214.000-TERESA DE LOS DOLORES ARANETA- -(Inocencio"Imo"Quizon)
Teresa de los Dolores Araneta married Inocencio "Imo" Quizon

1.215.000-JOSEFA DE LOS DOLORES ARANETA- -(Gregorio E. Varela)
Josefa de los Dolores Araneta married Gregorio Evangelista Varela by whom she had four (4) children, namely:

1.215.100-Antonio Araneta Varela- -(Micaela Araneta Medel)
1.215.200-Eusebio Araneta Varela- -(Vicenta Araneta Medel)
1.215.300-Francisco Araneta Varela- -
1.215.400-Dolores Araneta Varela- -(Agaton Ramos)

1.220.000-JACINTO ARANETA- -(Josefa Cecilia Cabunsol)
Jacinto Araneta, second son of the Araneta Patriach of Negros, married Josefa Cecilia Cabunsol of the "Kabungsuan" royal family of Mindanao by whom he had five (5) children, namely:

1.221.000-JUAN CABUNSOL ARANETA- -(Died a Minor)
1.222.000-JOSE "Cachila" CABUNSOL ARANETA- -(Manuela de los Dolores Araneta)
Jose "Cachila" Cabunsol Araneta married Manuela de los Dolores Araneta by whom he had a daughter, named:

1.222.100-Maria Cleofe Araneta Araneta- -(Vicente Trinidad)

1.223.000-PATRICIO CABUNSOL ARANETA- -(Leoncia Emilia)
Patricio Cabunsol Araneta married Leoncia Emilia by whom he had six (6) children, namely:

1.223.100-Elena Emilia Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.223.200-Pascuala Emilia Araneta- -(Mariano del Castillo)
1.223.300-Inocencio Emilia Araneta- -(Fructousa Octavio)
1.223.400-Rosario Emilia Araneta- -(Anecito L. Lacson)
1.223.500-Gerardo Emilia Araneta- -(Melitona Vinzon)
1.223.600-Cornelia Emilia Araneta- -

1.224.000-MARIA DOMINGA CABUNSOL ARANETA- -(Jose Palacios)
Maria Dominga Cabunsol Araneta married Jose Palacios by whom she had six (6) children, namely:

1.224.100-Bernardina Araneta Palacios- -(Faustino Villanueva)
1.224.200-Andrea Araneta Palacios- -(Died Single)
1.224.300-Laurencia Araneta Palacios- -(Vicente"Botoy"Araneta)
1.224.400-Anacleto Araneta Palacios- -
1.224.500-Geronimo Araneta Palacios- -(Gervasia Espenda)
1.224.600-Lutgarda Araneta Palacios- -(Pablo Sitchon)

1.225.000-ROMUALDO CABUNSOL ARANETA- -(Agueda Villanueva Torres)
Romualdo Cabunsol Araneta married Agueda Torres y Villanueva by whom he had nine (9) children, namely:

1.225.100-Magdalena Torres Araneta- -(Pedro Sarmiento)
1.225.200-Eusebio Torres Araneta- -(Catalina Antinero)
1.225.300-Angela Torres Araneta- -(Died Single)
1.225.400-Juan Anacleto Torres Araneta- -(Celedonia Diaz/Cristita Sarmiento/Natalia Bovida Salsalida/Juanita Camillarosa)
1.225.500-Cesareo Torres Araneta- -
1.225.600-Luisa Torres Araneta- -
1.225.700-Jose Pedro Torres Araneta- -
1.225.800-Maria Rosario Torres Araneta- -(Remegio Salas)
1.225.900-Maria Consolacion Torres Araneta- -(Federico Matti)

1.230.000 - JOSE ARANETA- -(Catalina Pelayo)
Jose Araneta, the third and youngest son of Vicente Sta. Ana Araneta of the Negros Branch married Catalina Pelayo by whom he had two (2) sons, namely:

1.231.000- GUILLERMO PELAYO ARANETA- -(Maria Andrea)
Guillermo Pelayo Araneta married Maria Andrea by whom he had a son, named Vicente Araneta who served as Gobernadorcillo of Molo in the year 1856.

1.231.100-Vicente Araneta- -(Josefa Brigida Sonora y de los Reyes)

1.232.000-AMBROSIO PELAYO ARANETA- -(FelipaRamona Sta.Ana Locsin)Ambrosio Pelayo Araneta (Gobernadorcillo of Molo in 1862) married Felipa Ramona Locsin y Sta. Ana, daughter of Capitan Ramon Melliza Locsin and Agapita Dingcong de Santa Ana, and by whom he had six (6) children,namely:

1.232.100-Urbana Locsin Araneta- -
1.232.200-Cresenciano Locsin Araneta- -
1.232.300-Ramon Locsin Araneta- -(Dolores Araneta)
1.232.400-Ramona Locsin Araneta- -
1.232.500-Felisa Locsin Araneta- -(Simon Suansing Araneta)
1.232.600-Anatolia Locsin Araneta- -(Died single on June 30, 1858)

The Araneta's of "ZAMBOANGA"

1.300.000-JOSE (John Doe) SANTA ANA ARANETA (Zamboanga Branch)
Jose (John Doe) Santa Ana Araneta, the third son of Don Jose de Araneta y Guyol stayed in Zamboanga and became the patriach of the Araneta's in that southern part of the Philippine Archeapilago.
Part-III "The Philippine Revolution"

When the Philippine Revolution against Spain broke out in 1896 - and continued during the American regime, the Araneta's of Molo in Iloilo (based in the Philippine Insurgents Record sub-titled"Las Familias Insurrectos del Pueblo de Molo"of the National Library) actively participated in the revolutionary movement.

The family of Don Felix Militante Araneta and Paz Soriano-Araneta; their children; his sister Ceferina Araneta-Esteban's sons Emilio and Eduardo; and brother Agaton Militante Araneta with his wife Josefa Locsin-Araneta were all listed in the "Insurrectos de Molo" records.

While some of Don Felix Araneta's children were involved in the covert operations of the revolutionary movement, others distinguished themselves in the fields of battle.

Gen. Pablo Soriano Araneta, a doctor of medicine by profession, as Commanding General of the Panay Revolutionary Forces under Gen. Martin Delgado (Gral. en Gefe) of the Federal Republic of the Visayas, encountered several fierced battles in Pavia, San Miguel and in the outskirts of Jaro. More notably, the battle of Oton to Arevalo together with Gen. Angel Corteza and Gen. Leandro Locsin Fullon of Antique who fired the first shot. (National Historical Institute marker in honor of Pablo Soriano Araneta - was installed at the facade of Molo Convent facing Molo Plaza in Iloilo City).

Gen. Marciano Soriano Araneta, administrator of the family's Hacienda Paz (named after their mother "Paz") in La Carlota, Negros Occidental, led the filipino revolutionary forces who valiantly fought and captured the General Headquarters of the Spanish Forces in "Mangkas", now La Carlota City and became one of the founders of the cantonal government of Negros in 1899. (National Historical Institute marker in honor of Marciano Soriano Araneta - was installed by the entrance of the Municipal Building facing La Carlota City Plaza).

Anastacio Soriano Araneta, who served under his elder brother Marciano was killed by remnants of the "guardia civil" who became roving bandits in the hinterlands of Negros.

Jose Soriano Araneta, was appointed "Capitan" assigned at the office of the Panay Revolutionary Forces "Cuartel General" in Pavia, Iloilo together with Capitan Ramon Lopez. He fought in the battle of Tacas, Catmon and Balantang in Jaro in 1899. (National Historical marker in honor of Jose Soriano Araneta - was installed by the entrance of the Municipal Building facing the Pavia Plaza in Iloilo).

Gregorio Soriano Araneta, a lawyer by profession, advocated reforms for the welfare of the Filipino people and served as Secretary General of the Malolos Republic under the revolutionary government of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. (National Historical Institute marker in honor of Gregorio Soriano Araneta - was installed at the facade of No. 1030 R. Hidalgo Street, Quiapo, Manila --- their ancestral home donated as Museum to the government)

Other members of the clan in Iloilo; especially the Araneta's in Anilao; Eusebio Torres Araneta (brother of "Tan Juan") who settled in Anilao; the group of Casimiro, Emilio, Mariano and Faustino Araneta; likewise, Miguel Piccio Araneta of Pototan, Iloilo were all officers of the Panay revolutionary forces actively involved in the fight for freedom and independence against the foreign invaders.
The Negros Island Revolutionary Forces were led by Gen. Juan "Tan Juan" Torres Araneta of the Southern Sector based in Bago, together with his son Col. Jaime Sarmiento Araneta. (National Historical Institute marker in honor of Gen. Juan "Tan Juan" Araneta- was installed by the entrance of their ancestral home in Bago City and his lifesize statue mounted on his horse, a revered historical landmark at Bago Plaza).

The Northern Sector was led by Gen. Aniceto L. Lacson married to Rosario Emilia Araneta. (National Historical Institute marker and monument in honor of Gen. Aniceto L. Lacson - was installed in his hometown of Talisay, Negros Occidental).

These two Negros revolutionary leaders, outsmarted and defeated the Spaniards and together with their families and other prominent "hacenderos" declared the Independent Republic of Negros on November 5, 1898.

It is worthy to note, that in the annals of history, the duly constituted head of the Spanish Empire who colonized the whole archipelago for over 330 years, were defeated and formally surrendered to only two cantonal governments: the Independent Negros Republic on November 6, 1898 in Bacolod and to the Federal Republic of the Visayas on December 25, 1898 at Plaza Libertad in Iloilo City. Both comprised the " Ilonggo Nation".
Likewise, it was perhaps, due to the intercession of Don Gregorio Soriano Araneta ---Secretary General to President Emilio Aguinaldo of the Philippine Revolutionary Government; that the well established Federal Republic of the Visayas and the Independent Negros Republic which were greatly influenced by the Araneta Family, fizzled-out and ultimately decided to unite for a common cause that eventually paved the way for the birth of the First Philippine Republic...The first in Asia...The rest history. . .

Nota Bene: Thanks! to Tonypet Araneta for additional info on the "Early History" and to Eva Araneta-Serra on the "Early Genealogy".

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