Thursday, June 29, 2006


Frwd:A Filipino had planted a Phil. Flag at Summit of Mt. Everest

Hi! Michael:

Great news indeed! "First Filipino" on top of Mount Everest. BRAVO!!

As to the oldest and longest Family Tree; in the meantime, i'll just give you the "Pasakayli":

Except for the "Darwinista's", most of todays' civilized world generally believe first family started with Adam and Eve or their equivalent. In Filipino, of course, it's"si Malakas at si Maganda".

Now, Adam and Eve had Nine (9) children. But the most well known are the first two CAIN and Abel, maybe because the former slew the latter. I disagree with the belief; that it was Crime to Society and Sin against God. Actually, it was just a family affair since there was no society to talk of in the first place. Nor was it a Sin, because Moses got the Commandments much...much...later.

The nine children were: Cain, Abel, Seth, Azura, Awan, Lebuda, Qelimath, Luluwa and Aklia. Cain's wife was Awan while Seth was Azura also known as Norea. Yes! sisters, but they could do that, that was not a sin yet and they had no choice.

Adam died at the age of 930 and burried in the cave of Machpelah in Hebron, Israel.

Rest assured, you'll be the first to know after i'm done up-dating their genealogy..OK!

Sa guihapon...tito dinggol..

Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 01:18:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: michelangelo siscar
Subject: A Filipino Had Planted the Philippine Flag at the Summit of Mt. Everest: At Last

Dear All,

It is nice to tell everyone that a Filipino, at last, had climbed and Rached the summit of Mount Everest in the Himalayas yesterday. He is Leo Oracion from Lukban, Quezon. The other one Erwin Emata, from Davao, is still a few thousand feet below the summit and could reach the top too in a few hours. Both are 32 years old.

Oracion had brought with him a Philippine Flag and planted it on top of the world. He has with him too a Philippine flag drawn on paper with crayon colors made by his 5 year old daughter.

CONGRATULATIONS TO LEO ORACION AND ERWIN EMATA. Hiopefully the third guy would also reach the summit tomorrow. Praise The Lord Almighty.

So there you are. This is the kind of accomplishment Filipinos should aspire for instead of aspiring to debate congress and senate all these endless years.

The next First that should be accomplished by a Filipino are:

1. A Nobel Prize
2. A Gold Medal in the World Olympics
3. A Best Seller Novel (World Standard)
4. A Classic Composition
5. A World-Class Song
6. A World-Class Movie/Film
6. The tallest Building in the World
7. A World-Class Painting - (Amorsolo)
8. A World-Class Short Story
9. The Oldest and Longest Family Tree in the World (And still locate all its surviving members all over the world). This one is a great challenge to Tito Dinggol and Rose.

All for now. Thanks

Michelangelo H Siscar

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