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Welcome! ..Springtime! & the BORACAY AFFAIR

PHOTOS taken during the THIRD ARANETA FAMILY GRAND REUNION held at the "Pearl of the Pacific Resort" in BORACAY - Philippines last November, 1999. In picture at center is Dna Eva Araneta-Serra with Greg and Marilou Tirol-Sanson and other Araneta "Parientes" together with delegates from the Araneta's of Zamboanga.
Hello there, everyone!

I'm Susan Araneta Mirasol and just read this email regarding the Pearl of the Pacific resort in Boracay. I can attest that Cousin Greg and Marilou are really great and generous parientes.

Last January, all 24 of us Araneta siblings, Agnes Araneta Evidente, Tony Araneta, Consuelo "Ling" Araneta Corteza and me with some of our children and nephews, nieces and apos stayed at Greg's place and he gave us a generous discount and a welcome dinner!!

Marilou showed us around the place where they have this spa treatment and it was clean and a very relaxing atmosphere with rooms and balconies overlooking the blue sparkling waters! The rooms he assigned to us were spacious and he gave us extra mattresses, pillows, blankets and towels absolutely free since there were 8 of us in each room. (Other hotels will not allow these.)

Ti, good-bye now and enjoy the rest of the week-end.

Susan (Las Vegas-NevadaUSA)

It's now Springtime here in good ole' USA...

As winter slips away into springtime and the daytime temperature begins to rise above freezing...Ahhhhh!.. it's Springtime!

After all the cold days we are ready to shed our coats, now ready to hear once again the musical sound of the birds and the bees; enjoy the beautiful sight of the flowers and the trees; and yeess! start playing outside more often.

And at night?...Hah! Hah! explore the wonders of the universe watching the moon and the stars.

Kag kamo mga apo ni "Maria Clara", it's Spring Break!

If you plan to spend it in the beaches of Cancun, the Bahamas or Jamaica, "halong guid ha!" remember that old Filipino custom "No Touch!".

Did I hear somebody say ..."Corny Ah!"


Incidentally, why not patronize our very own..Try BORACAY....
considered "Paradise" that side of the globe.

REMEMBER! One of "DA BEST" in Boracay is the "PEARL OF THE PACIFIC"owned and operated by the family of GREGORIO and MARILOU TIROL-SANSON.

The venue of the third Araneta Family Grand Reunion was held there in 1999 with Zamboanga Araneta's first time participation.

Generous "GREG" is our pariente; eldest son of Alfredo Araneta Sanson and Matilde Jalandoni Montinola and grandson of Don Roque Locsin Sanson and Dna. Isabel Soriano ARANETA de Sanson.

Discount??.. yes of course... "Presyo Hermano!"... right Inday Rita?..ano say mo?..

All the best...enjoy springtime!...dinggol..

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