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The ARANETA FAMILY MEMBERS ASSOCIATION (Philippines) -(AFMA) was established exclusively for members of the Araneta Clan. The idea was conceived on February 2, 1992 and formalized on April 16, 1993 after the election of the Interim set of Officers in Iloilo City, Philippines.

The FIRST ARANETA FAMILY GRAND REUNION on November 19 & 20, 1993 held in Iloilo City, Philippines was a great success! This Araneta Clan in cyberspace is an eNews bulettin created as venue to revive the nostalgic memories of our ancestors and attempt to instill in the hearts and minds of younger and future Araneta generations their valiant and noble heritage.

Copy of the original "Family Tree" and a customized "Genealogical Diagram" from first generation to the present in simplified (1-page) format shall be available to qualified Araneta clan members. Likewise, copy of the Araneta "Escudo de Armas " or Coat-of-arms.

Commentaries and articles; announcements and news items are welcome to be published on this "free" forum, subject to AFMA policy and guidelines.

PLEASE INVITE! The "Parientes" your side of the Familia Araneta to JOIN!

dinggol araneta divinagracia (Moderator)
(araneta s# -1.111.5A23.000)
email: AranetaClan@yahoo.com
Group Home Page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AranetaClan
The Official Araneta Clan Blog Community: http://TheAranetaClan.blogspot.com

hi.... thanks for the invite... My name is Lucille Araneta-Badrina
descendant of General Juan Araneta.....daughter of Guillermo "BAby"
Yulo Araneta and Dorothy "Jong" Araneta.....its nice we have this
yahoo group too.... I am based in Baltimore, Maryland .
Warm regards and congratulations to this new group, thank you for
extending this invitation to me. This seems to be a coincidence as only
yesterday I revisited this site:


It contains the family tree with photos of famous Aranetas.

I am more interested on how Cleofe Yulo, the mother of Marciano and
Bonifacio Araneta, is related to my Yulo ancestor. Any information in
this regard would be highly appreciated.

Prandy Yulo
Welcome! Katrina:

You must be a daughter of Prima Maity, we met during the Iloilo Family Reunion. Your Great Grandpa Gregorio is a younger brother of my Grandpa Marciano Soriano Araneta. Please extend to her and the rest of your family my best wishes.

Will appreciate it very much if you can furnish me the email address of your Tito TonyPet.

All the best...tito dinggol..
P.S.(Thanks for the initiative re: additional email addresses)

Thank you for inviting me to join this group. I'm really into my
Araneta heritage and love hearing information about the family from
cousins and relatives. We used to live in Negros Occidental when I
was in primary school. We've attended and hosted many of the Araneta reunions there. I'm Colleen Cleveland. My mother is Reina Yulo Araneta Cleveland. She's the daughter of Woodrow and Angelina Araneta. Woodrow is the son of General Juan Araneta. My mom and all of us are in San Jose CA and my mom's sister, tita Johnna Gatilao is in Chicago, Illinois with her family.

Once again thanks for the invite and I look forward to meeting you
one day.

Take care,
Hi Araneta Clan Members,

Thank you for inviting me to join this Araneta Clan group.
I'm Rosalea Araneta-de Leon a descendant of General Juan Anacleto
Araneta, my father was Enrique "Eking" Araneta son of Teodoro and Maret Araneta, my mother is Inocencia "Inciang" Araneta daughter of Felipe and Letty Araneta. I am presently residing in Iloilo.
hello to all and thank you for inviting me to join..i am rosette natalia a. araneta daughter of the late enrique g. araneta, son of teodoro araneta. my mom is inocencia araneta, daughter of felipe araneta. both from bago city, negros occ. this is a wonderful way for all of us to get in touch. god bless everyone and more power.
Hi everyone,

Thank you for inviting me... I am Victor "Naderev" Araneta... son of
Pablito and Concha Araneta. We came from the line of Felix Araneta and Paz Soriano-Araneta. I am based in Paranaque.

Tito Dingol musta ka na? san-o ka mabakasyon diri sa Pinas?

God bless to everyone.

Dear parientes,

Thanks for the invitation to this e-group. I'm Ricardo Araneta,
youngest son of Mariano and grandson of Pablo S. Araneta. I've been in the U.S. since 1984 and am now based in Somerset, NJ. I've always wondered if I have some relatives here in the U.S. -- kadamo man gali, but scattered all over.

Dingol, you probably know my brother Pablit. I'm just curious... how did you get my email address? Ikaw imo ya, where are you based?

Best regards,
Hello to all,

Just want to share this link to the Araneta website which I stumbled upon about 2 years ago:


Enjoy reading through our rich history, everyone!

--Jun (Ernesto Araneta Jr. y Casis)

PS- My father, Ernesto Araneta Sr. y Sta. Maria and grandfather, Pedro Araneta are from Pontevedra, Negros Occ. Does anyone know them? My father didn't talk much about his side of the family, maybe because his mother (my grandma) died when he was only 8. And my grandfather died when I was only 10. So I don't know much about my Araneta side, except that Jorge Araneta of Araneta Center was my Dad's 2nd cousin. My 1st cousins were the Araneta-Golez and Araneta-Deles clans. Anyone know them?

Thanks for the invitation to join the yahoo group. I'm curious how
you located me. FYI, my father is Dr. Enrique (Bobby) Araneta and
lolo was Dr. Enrique Araneta of Silay. I'm a professor at the
University of California San Diego, School of Medicine, and do
research on type 2 diabetes among Filipinos. I'm interested in
mapping genetic markers for diabetes. Is diabetes common in your families, as it is in mine (the Araneta side)?

I live in La Jolla, California, but will be in Manila in May 2006,
and am curious when the next reunion will be.

Warmest regards,
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